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Mother's Apron

by David Pekrul
copyright 06-26-2006
Contest Winner

Age Rating: 10 +

It hangs there on the kitchen wall,
A tattered apron, that is all,
But there is something I recall,
The love when Mother wore it.

From early morn ‘till setting sun,
Her work, it seems, was never done,
Us children kept her on the run,
That apron, I adore it.

It tells of when I tried to flee,
When chased by angry bumble bees,
And then my Mother rescued me,
And in the process tore it.

It tells of when I stayed home ill,
With burning fever, then a chill,
And on her apron, tonic spilled,
Because I tried to pore it.

My mother had no fancy clothes,
With satin ribbons, lace or bows,
But in that apron, love she showed,
And we could not ignore it.

And now it hangs upon the wall,
What looked so large, appears so small,
A mem’ry since I learned to crawl,
I know now why she wore it.

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        02-12-2014     Regina Lehman        

Very nice poem !! I really enjoyed reading it,but my mom never wore an apron,but my grandmother always did and she too never wore any fancy clothes it reminded me of how she use to always cook in her many different colorful aprons..My grandma just passed away three years ago at the age of 95..

        04-15-2007     Samantha Powers        

This was cute. I think in the old days things where a lot nicer because mother would actually be around.

I like your rhyming in this one it flows so beautifuly and definatly adds to the poem. It is nice to think of the little memories i have with my mom. She is still with me but I don't really get many memories from her. Most of them seem to be bad and sad to say my mother is selfish.
So in my imagination this poem makes me happy to think I have a mom that is there. So in some sort of way i guess i'll thank you for writing this for me to read.
No errors as usual and a contest winner of course
Im going to go read more of your work =)
I enjoy reading your work very interesting it is like a book and I can't wait to get to the next chapter.

        07-25-2006     Richard Reed Jr        

Well once again I gave a talent show and too many talented people showed up, lol.
They were all winners, but for the clever way he rhymed each last line of each stanza, the winner is that well-known master of rhyme and rhythm David Pekrul for his outstanding work "Mother's Apron". This is a most instructive poem and everyone should study it's form, rhyme and rhythm.

Congrats David and as for the rest of us, myself included-"Better writing next time."

        07-11-2006     Richard Reed Jr        

Thanks for entering my contest David. This is a well-crafted poem with certainly, warm and heart-felt sentiments. It's a treasure. You always make it so difficult for me to judge my conteststs.
You set the bar so high, not only with your skill, but with your pure and caring love.

Thanks for stopping by my site. I'm a bit under the weather and you brightened my day as you always do.

Thank you my friend,


        06-27-2006     BJ Niktabe        

David, this is fantastic. I have been waiting to see what article of clothing someone could write a poem about. I've tried a couple of times but nothing worked. So, once again, I've gotten inspiration from your work. I need to get busy to see what I can come up with. I'm not out to beat you, because your's is awesome. It reeks of mother's love. Great job.


        06-26-2006     David Pekrul        

Thanks so much Brian.
How could I make a mistake like that? I've just entered this into a contest, so will have to wait until it is over before I can make the correction, but thanks for noticing it.

        06-26-2006     Jessica Peters        

Aw there is only one word to describe this, and that word is : CTE! I LOVE IT I LOVE IT I LOVE IT I LOVE IT!!! lol

        06-26-2006     Brian Dickenson        

This flows along well, in fact I found myself singing the words, it's rather like a folk song.
Well done David.
I have one critique, I think you mean pour, not pore.

        06-26-2006     Victoria Medley        

I absolutely love this poem. It's truly touching and very well written. The words flow effortlessly.

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