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When You Say........I Think Of.

by Melissa Adams (Age: 35)
copyright 06-28-2006

Age Rating: 13 +
When You Say........I Think Of.

When you say French American, I think of The Statue of Liberty and the Liberty Bell, that still echos with the price that it costs to be free.

When you say German American, I think of WWII and how we are still fighting to protect our freedom.

When you say Irish American, I think of all the hard work our ancestors had to do when they first came here.

When you say African American, I think of the Civil War and how we all at one time struggled to be free.

When you say Mexican American, I think of all those who are working so hard for everything they have.

When you say Asian American, I think of all the different religious beliefs that are here.

When you say that you love the red, white and blue; I think of all the tears shed, lives and blood lost. I think about all the countless battles our nation's flag has flown high through, and how it will continue to be a symbol of freedom.

When you say that you love America, I think of all these reasons and more that make our country TRULY great. All the service men and women who continually fight to protect the way of life we all have taken for granted at one time. I think of all everyday heroes who are fighting the fires, helping people be safe, and those who do the right thing. I think of those who founded this country on solid beliefs. It's all these and more that make me say that I AM PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN.

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        06-30-2010     Leigh Gilholm Fisher        

This was a very good patriotic poem, and I really enjoyed how you included the many contributions of many races in to America society. It's very true that this country wouldn't be where it was without the unity between people of so many different races and ideologies. Great work with this one! I hope to read more of your works here!

~Leigh of the Commenting Community

        11-03-2009     Eric Siedzikowski        

This is a brass-hat write that speaks volumes of history that you have been taught and cared to remember,that you researched and cared to do that as well.This piece shows your etiquette,
mannerism,intelligence and open-minded way of living that proves you believe that all people are equal.You have such a beautiful heart and mind that reflects strongly through your poetry.

        01-13-2007     Richard Reed Jr        

I like very much the sentiments
this piece portrays.
Americans all of us individuals,
All of us in our own ethnic and cultural
groups, yet all of us pulling together to make our counttry great.

Excellent write.


        10-20-2006     David Pekrul        

I like the change that you made to this piece; it now seems complete, although I'm sure there are a lot more races that could be included.
One thing I noticed is that you have allowed each ethnic origin to stand on their own, much like in Canada. Let me explain. The USA always claims to be a 'melting-pot', where everyone who comes there becomes 'American'. In Canada, we do not consider ourselves to be a 'melting-pot', in fact most people here do not like that word. We consider ourselves to be a 'multi-cultural society'. That is what I read in your piece; multi-culturalism, but yet proud to be American. Very nice.

        07-19-2006     Kimberly Murphy        

I love it!!! Perfect write!!!!!!!

        07-08-2006     Tammy Frascona        

I love the change Melissa! Thank you for taking my words into consideration and not getting upset with me for my opinion, sometimes I think I get a little carried away, But nicely done and keep up the good work

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