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He Is Simply Everywhere

by Kimberly Murphy (Age: 29)
copyright 06-30-2006

Age Rating: 13 +
He Is Simply Everywhere

I dream of his face,
When I sleep.
The memories haunt me,
When I day dream.
His face is picture perfect,
When I close my eyes.
He is simply,
The birds that sing,
Reminds me of the love we once shared.
The breeze that gently blows,
Reminds me of his gentle touch.
Our song plays,
And the tears fall.
My heart breaks,
And again I'm dieing inside.
He is simply everywhere.
I think of the times,
We once shared,
And wonder if they are meaningless.
I wish I was as invisible,
As he made me feel.
He never loved me at all,
And that hurts the most.
I stood by his side,
When his battles were to harsh.
I helped him solve his problems,
When he thought he couldn't go on.
Whether he needed me or not,
I was there by his side.
However, he never opened his heart to me,
His heart was simply closed,
And I couldn't get in no matter how hard I tried.
The pain shot through me,
As if my whole body was on fire.
Even the tears felt like fire,
Running down my face.
My heart felt as if it was a bomb,
About to blow in any moment.
I felt as if I wasn't alive,
That I passed on.
I knew that wasn't true,
For the pain reminded me I was living.
I don't know how I made,
Twelve days without him,
But I managed it.
I have moved on,
Even though the pain is still there.
I can't let him see,
That he is killing me.
I must be strong,
And carry on without him in my life.
I don't know how I am going to this,
All I know it must be done,
Before my heart breaks beyond repair.
He is simply,

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