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A Streak Across the Sky

by Jessica Peters (Age: 24)
copyright 07-10-2006

Age Rating: 4 +

Lightning is so silent
A quick light of bright
That streaks across the darkened sky
That's almost turned to night

It cracks across the clouded blue
And makes it's way to earth
But always silent, with no sound
And then the thunder is birthed

It follows lightning with a roar
Menacing while imminent
And people look from all around
To see the following luminence

It's followed by another
Another flash and roar
And then the clouds, they break apart
And once again birds soar

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        07-17-2006     Mali Neve        

This is a really descriptive piece, and flows very naturally. Some of the lines seem very staccato, in keeping with the theme. Good job.

        07-14-2006     Amelia Zada        

I love it! Once again you have great flow and rhyming and i absoltly love the description you used! Keep up the good work!
Amelia Z.

        07-10-2006     David Pekrul        

A Very good and poetic description of a thunder storm, and we in Alberta should know all about thunder storms. Your rhyming and flow are great. I think you're really getting the hang of writing poetry. Good job.

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