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Heather's Back

by Tammy Frascona (Age: 35)
copyright 07-24-2006

Age Rating: 18 +

Lost her feathers.... How many times?
Where I come from; going around naked is a crime.
No more leather we all know why,
But I'm sure that made all the boys cry.
Well at least the boys got to see her nude a few times.

So now she's married with ten kids I hear,
Saved from the bikers and all the other fears.
No tan lines; I bet not,
Who wears clothes when it's this hot,
Heather surely doesn't that is clear.

Okay, So Dan is her man,
How does he handle a woman like that without a plan,
Oh I know... she's busy with their five daughters and five sons,
Diane, Denise,Danielle, Darla, and Donna,
Harry, Henry, Harold, Hank, and Hanna.
It must be crazy chasing around ten little ones.

I believe they were all twins, at least that's what I heard.
I think during sex they should have had a safety word.
Ya know, No feathers, No clothes, and No condoms.
Dan must be her dream come true,
He'd have to be I think; Don't you?
Their past is hilarious and I wonder...Where did they come from?

That is all for now I will comment on Heather another time.

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