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Forbidden Fruit

by Kimberly Angelone (Age: 48)
copyright 07-26-2006

Age Rating: 16 +
Forbidden Fruit
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His soft, sable gaze is so comforting,
Captivating my soul, I just canít seem to take it all in.

Those eyes perform my heartstrings, but only sporadically,
I wonít let them have full stage Ė not just yet.

It is the most Iíve ever felt, yet I must make it the least at this moment,
The very thing Iíve wanted now has me shuddering with terror.

I am petrified of what he is feeling,
Yet I am so at peace with his affections.

What is happening? What is this?
He moves closer without a touch, I move closer in disbelief.

He moves even closer still not a single touch,
But I feel him like a warm blanket soothing my fears.

He touches my hand, my jolt turns to warmth.
Am I just visualizing something Iíve wanted forever?

No, for this is our phenomenon,
Amazing is our dialogue without words.

Our lips meet Ė it is so recognizable, yet so innovative.
My body trembles, and I am once again pure and childlike.

I am startled as he breathes life back into me.
I am panicking, but Iím not running- not this time.

Amazing, this place two have found together,
It's forever Ė if only second to second..

We giggle like children, we remember what it is like to feel so good,
In our own private habitat. Nothing can or will find us now.

But the night falls into early morning and he must leave me....
I am broken and left to sleep alone without him.

I lie awake relieved to have been in his arms,
Yet so confused and left to wonder when I will be there again.

I hope it won't be long until I hold his stare again,
Wrong or right, it's just too late.

Forbidden fruit is such an addictive drug,
Sweet as syrup when you drink, deadly as venom when you've run out.

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        08-19-2010     Kimberly Angelone        


Eric - yes. you have it all right :) thank you so much. yes it was meant to sound exactly that glad i got it across :)

        08-19-2010     Leigh Gilholm Fisher        

How very chilling! All of the descriptions and words you use are incredibly vivid. The ending note, as I mentioned, is truly striking and sends a chill up the reader's spine. Excellent work!

~Leigh of the Commenting Community

        11-14-2009     Eric Siedzikowski        

The sense of apprehension and distrust is quickly diluted to the point of utter evaporation within the prurient escapade that gave rise.I loved how it turned out to be a moment of love in a peurile manner that is always sweet to the mind's recall.Another masterpiece you have done.Sincerely,Eric

        02-26-2009     Anthony Lane Stahlhut        

This is very nice and poetic. The story compelling and the taste of forbidden fruit so intriguing. I have experienced this and the danger adds to the excitement. Great write, Anthony

        03-03-2008     Eric Gasparich        

Ah, now here we have another wonderfully evocative effort, for reasons I will mention at the end of this review.

First things first: are the little transitive / intransitive 'mix-ups' intentional?

"Those eyes perform my heartstrings","I wonít let them have full stage", "He moves even closer still not a single touch"? Just curious.

Lines (and other things) I really liked:

"sable"- yes, yes, yes, how many times have I seen people use "raven" for that?

"The very thing Iíve wanted now has me shuddering with terror." - Excellent, the co-mingling of fear and wonder, overcoming fear.

"Sweet as syrup when you drink, deadly as venom when you've run out." - A fine moralism, even if it's not intended to be.

I like the way this poem mingles hesitancy and fulfillment. It is good that it does not wander in the realms of hyper-romanticism where the thing desired is held forever at arms length, because the desiring of the desire becomes more important than the fulfillment. Consummation is the point of desire, even inordinate desire, but with that there is a price to be paid, and this poem unflinchingly shows that.

Personal aside: I hope you can find the time to follow the rest of my story. You will most certainly recognize some elements of this poem in what happens between two of the characters.

        07-27-2006     Greg Kis        

Very passionate with the longing of new love. I liked the line "It's forever - If only second to second" I'm new to PnP - I'll try and read more.

        07-27-2006     David Pekrul        

Very easy to read, with a wonderful sensual overtone. This could be about a one-night stand, but yet there is so much potential for something more.
Welcome back, Kimberly, I hope you send more good writings our way.

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