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It's A Short Life

by Richard Reed Jr
copyright 07-26-2006

Age Rating: 7 +

**More ultra-modern free style**

-Hope it sets you free!

she's cute as possibly she could be
we pick her up
and head for the car
she does pee. too late

now. we'll put her in a box and wait
and never let her stray too far:
along the road: her falling hair we'll see:

night approach
and daylight flee
for all: the care we took the scar
won't heal. it's night, let's close the gate.

Bye Bye Pepper

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        08-02-2006     Roger Crique        

Life is both short and long, depending from which standpoint one looks at it.
For dogs, Im sure fifteen years seems like an eternity. I guess you are experimenting with a new form of poetry or one I have not had the privilege to have experienced. There are three elements of poetry that I look for, imagery, fluidity and theme. The most important to me is imagery. This piece does not offer its imagery too easily at first. One has to read it a few times, then, the gates open and everything is crystal clear. I find that the fluidity is scarred and jagged, making me pause and read over. The theme is an important one. Life is forever present, non-dying and abundant, except for those who perish!

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