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Seasons Of Love

by David Pekrul
copyright 08-18-2006

Age Rating: 10 +

Early in the Autumn when the leaves are turning golden,
And the frost is on the pumpkin and a chill is in the air,
I will think about the Springtime when I once again will see you,
And youíll hold me to your bosom, or as close as you will dare.

And Iíll dream about the passion we will share throughout the Summer,
In the moonlight of the evenings on those warm and sultry nights,
And as Summer turns to Autumn and the Autumn turns to Winter,
You will hold me ever closer under dancing Northern Lights.

In the Autumn and the Winter, in the Spring and in the Summer,
I will love you now and ever, all my love will be for you,
For in Spring I learned to love you and in Summer love did blossom,
In the Autumn it was strengthened, so in Winter Iíll be true.

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        08-31-2006     Gregory Christiano        

Excellent description on nature and the blossoming of love. Again, your imagery is vivid, colorful creating just the right mood for love. The theme and rhythm are natural and verbal expression is very effective. All-in-all a great piece of work.


        08-23-2006     Richard Reed Jr        

A beautiful and most well-written piece. I agree with Brian all the way. This is another one of your poems for my scrapbook.


        08-22-2006     Brian Dickenson        

David you have excelled yourself with this, a wonderful word picture. It encapsulates the feelings of sweet sweet love. It reminded me of something one of the Victorian poets would have written.
How refreshing to read something that does not read like a Hallmark card.

        08-20-2006     Elisabeth Hatheway        

I can't really think of how to comment on this poem. It's not that it was bad but that it was better than good. I really like the title and I enjoyed the poem even more. It was simple and yet sweet.

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