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God in Therapy

by James Shammas (Age: 53)
copyright 09-07-2006

Age Rating: 10 +

Despite the lonesome years of therapy,
The priceless, timeless tears of clarity,
The slow embrace of all that's mine,
I still feel the pangs-- what tugs and pulls:
Is it Original Sin or the pain of wisdom
Which weighs the shame and splits the guilt?--
That-- worse still-- creates the fear that
All my children-- and theirs to come--
Will live long, with feet nailed down,
Forever splintered on a rotting cross?


Though I cannot wake or dream,
I've hugged Mnemosyne and become Man:
Poet, prophet, philosopher, Judas and Jesus:
All will speak the words which
Pull the nails-- one day at a time.

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        01-28-2007     Jeniffer Brand        

Hmmmm, yes, the Holy Spirit of God would be pulling and tugging. Sin, guilt, forgiveness, pain, sorrow, and.....addiction are nailed to the cross along with Jesus. In my world they have to be.
Very nice write.

        10-15-2006     David Pekrul        

I believe the tugging and pulling is the Holy Spirit, or maybe just our conscience, who can tell? Original Sin could certainly do it!
Very deep write, with many interpretations, but as always, way too deep for me.

        09-15-2006     Richard Reed Jr        

P. S. Is wisdom not the original sin?

        09-15-2006     Richard Reed Jr        

The muses will speak as always, but will the nails come out?

I liked this very much, and have my own spin on it. Not sure what yours was. Please share.



        09-11-2006     Roger Crique        

One manís enlightenment is another manís death sentence. And so we strive to understand the clarity behind the fog. So, I ask the question: Is a thousand years too long, for he who cannot live it? Or must those left behind carry the cross that bears the nails? Sometimes it is better to be blind and imagine the way, than to be knowledgeable and pay the price of
responsibility! As usual, this is very deep and engaging, full of provocative imagery and flourishing with Greek mythology.

        09-08-2006     James Shammas        

I've changed the title of this simply based on where it seems to "be going." We'll see what happens.


        09-08-2006     Brian Dickenson        

As usual this is very deep, maybe too deep for me.
It reminds me of a priest years ago who looked at a painting on my office wall and declared it the product of a disturbed mind. That came as a surprise, I was the painter. I certainly was not disturbed, just a good imagination. In no way did I feel the need to see a psychiatrist, then here in the UK few people do.

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