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The Child

by BJ Niktabe (Age: 59)
copyright 09-30-2006

Age Rating: 13 +
The Child
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As I walked the lonely road
I just watched the scenes unfold
It hurt to watch this child's pain
As his story sadly told
Life had always been so hard
His mom's love had been so cold

Yet he had a striking smile
And he took it all in stride
Nothing could destroy his heart
All his pain he kept inside
Lived his life as best he could
No one saw the times he cried

Bruises underneath his shirt
Burns that now are only scars
'Though stay hidden from our sight
Left by cigarettes, cigars
Words that cut this child's young soul
Dig deep wounds, they bite and mar

Seems he only tried to please
Those who caused him so much pain
Always tried to do what's right
Never finding any gain
'Til one night the laundry hung
As the skies started to rain

Mother screamed, "Get those damn clothes!"
He ran out to get the things
Just when the sky lit on fire
He heard angels start to sing
All around he saw them float
Didn't notice lightning's sting

I don't understand the mind
Of those who hurt a young child
One who only knows to trust
His innocence now defiled
At that moment God took him
I could see he clearly smiled.

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        09-23-2007     Frank Fields        


Poor child and poor poet that has the courage to feel so deeply to be able to bring these images for our witness.

And the images. Both the accompanying image and the ones that made me cry.

:( :( :( :( :( :( :( :(

Frank :(

        09-20-2007     Everett (dale) Pogue        

BJ This is a gripping poem too often true to life. You captured it all, scene after scene of uncaring and undeserving adults. It was as if God had seen enough and decided to do what others had not done, take him away for a better home. I was moved by it all, having worked in child care. Thank You, Dale

        11-10-2006     Walter Jones        

A test of mind, feeling and words,dramatic to the point of action, strong writing voice, picture and mind trigger, well written.. Walt

        10-21-2006     Mary -BrytEyz- Ball        

Reminds me of that song we played for Mom "Concrete Angel"... sigh. I, too, get riled up when I hear of abuse (child, pet, wife... anything) because God put each and every soul here and to harm any of them is SO against what he's intended. When you think of the innocence of a child, though... the way they are so completely unable to protect themselves... sigh... it's so sad.

It seems in your poem that his life was so hard that dying was actually a blessing. Sad to say, that's a reality. Thank you for making us all think so deeply on this. Hopefully, it will move others to action. They can start by educating themselves and those they know, they can contribute (if only time) to a connected cause, they can spread the word that this is something horrific and something that NEEDS to change. Children are our most precious gift from god... and we need to keep them safe!

Love you, Aunt BJ!

Yer Niece,

Mary/BrytEyz of The Commenting Crusaders

        10-12-2006     Richard Reed Jr        

This is so vivid, powerful and absorbing.
Sorry to say it's so true to life in many homes, and in some cases, it is a blessing for God to take them early, but it still makes me cry.


        10-07-2006     Deborah Thomas        

Wow, such a sobering subject. And a heartbreaking ending. Safe at last.
I bet we all know someone in our lifetime that is abused, or is the abuser. It really is our responsibility to do something.. the child can't do it alone...
Very well written. Good structure and storyline.

        10-06-2006     Roger Crique        

I don’t know if you did this on purpose, BJ, but rhyming in the last stanza changes, as if to provoke us into action. This is very clever. There is so much anguish here that it breaks my heart. I love the progression and the dramatic style in which you wrote it. There is a little bit of Edgar Allen Poe here. I love the word, “awesome” and I wanted to share it with you!!!

        10-03-2006     BJ Niktabe        

You know, every time I hear of a child dying at the hands of a parent or guardian, my heart breaks for that poor child. But knowing that he or she will no longer feel the pain caused by that person, makes it just a little easier to think about, but just a little.

        10-03-2006     David Pekrul        

This is sad, but comforting to know that he has gone to be with God, away from those who didn't deserve to have him. I can't understand those who would hurt a child, like the news we just heard today about the shooting in an Amish country school. I stayed in a bed-and-breakfast just a few miles down the road from where the shooting took place, in June of this year. The Amish children I met were so sweet and innocent. There is a special place in Hell for the one who committed this crime.

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