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Never Look Back

by BJ Niktabe (Age: 59)
copyright 10-16-2006
Contest Winner

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Never Look Back
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I had never felt so empty before. This was my first move away from my childhood home. It was to be a lifelong move, as I would never return. My parents had recently been involved in a car accident. They both died, leaving me everything, as I was an only child. I have no regrets. They made sure I always had everything I needed and more. Money had been put away for my education since I was born, with contributions to it made monthly, religiously. I was on my way now to start college and begin the rest of my life, alone.

My eighteenth birthday was just two months ago. My parents had surprised me with a month long vacation present. I spent it well. I went hiking in Ireland, biking in London, rented a Vespa in Italy, and spent time on a yacht off the shore in Greece. It was an exciting time, never a dull moment. I spoke often to my mom, actually almost every day. She was worried about me being alone. But I was an only child. I was used to being alone and entertaining myself. And I learned at an early age to enjoy the company of others, even strangers.

On the way back from Europe, I was so anxious to get back home. Mom and Dad were meeting me at the airport. It would be so good to see them. I could hardly wait. I didn't find out about the accident until I got off the plane. I was looking all over for them, but they were nowhere in sight. I remember a sudden empty feeling inside my stomach. Then I saw two police officers approaching me, looking me in the eye. I sat down before they even got within six feet of me. I had to, or I would have collapsed. I knew what they were going to say before they spoke. My parents had both died on the way to the airport. They were my only family. I had no one else. I know what my parents would want. They would want me to hold my head high and continue on my life's journey, and that's what I needed to do. I would never return here to the past. I would just keep moving forward and make them proud. Once I passed under the arched bridge with my memories packed neatly in my heart, I would never look back, for there was nothing left behind.

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        02-19-2007     Cindy Mitchell        

You know I found the way you introduced the accident in paragraph one and tied it into the last paragraph very effective. There is a lot here that could spin off into a longer work. Kudos for you!!!

        12-12-2006     Richard Reed Jr        

It would take a super strong person to do what the person in your story has done. I still mourn my greatest losses in life and cry easily over them. My friends say it's selfish, that I'm crying for my loss not their death, but even admitting that truth, it doesn't help.

Very vivid descriptions of emotions here, filled with inspiration.

Excellent work.

~H A P P Y H O L I D A Y S~


        10-21-2006     Mary -BrytEyz- Ball        

(Sigh) Do I marvel at the beauty of your work, or the fact that you are able to connect so deeply within and so easily tug at my emotions? (Smile) I guess I'll marvel them both!

I saw this photo for that contest, but have been so busy looking for a job by sending resumes, reading the job section of the paper, searching Monster and other sites, and attending job fairs that my head was numb and wasn't' able to think of much else. I had so many ideas for it though... I wish I could have entered.

I wish you well in EVERYTHING you do each and EVERY day, Aunt BJ. Thank you for being a part of my life.

Love you!

Yer Niece,

Mary/BrytEyz of The Commenting Crusaders

        10-18-2006     Deborah Thomas        

Very good. Sad, but you still get the feeling of a full life for the young person here. I looked closely to see if this was a young man or lady. I almost assumed it was female since you wrote it, but I am practicing my restraint in assuming that what I am reading is about the author.
Looks like a good beginning to an interesting novella? I would read it.. it sounds like something I would be interested in.. flashing back and forth to scenes from Europe, to childhood, and back to the present.
Good luck in the contest. Debbie

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