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Outside These Walls

by David Pekrul
copyright 10-29-2006

Age Rating: 10 +

Outside these walls the winds do blow,
The rain comes down and then it snows,
But here inside, the world is ‘fine’,
So this is where I’ll stay.

Outside these walls there’s war and pain,
The world I knew is not the same,
But here inside, my life is ‘good’,
So this is where I’ll stay.

Outside these walls, it’s Truth or Dare,
Where people live and seldom care,
If those around are up or down,
So this is where I’ll stay.

Outside these walls are tastes and sounds,
Adventures, love; excitement found,
Inside these walls I’m feeling bound,
But this is where I’ll stay.

Outside these walls; afraid to look,
For though I gave, some others took,
And left me feeling weak and scared,
So this is where I’ll stay.

Outside these walls, I want to be,
Inside these walls is where I flee,
To get away, and never feel,
Forever here I’ll stay.

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        12-03-2006     Jessica Peters        

This is really good, a lot of people are like tis, and they're afraid to do anything because of everything that's happening around them, however those are often the people that, if they were to go outside, they xcould probably actually do something about everything.

Really well written, though, I loved it^^.

        11-03-2006     James Shammas        

I like the rhythm and the repitition of the piece. It lends itself to what I sense is the monotonous expression of motivation of this poor, timid speaker to stubbornly stay inside, protecting his fearful soul from the rest of the world.


        10-31-2006     Brian Dickenson        

As Rich has said, a very deep and moving piece.
We all have this place inside our heads, unfortunately some climb inside as in your poem. They are lost without doubt.
Life is for living to the full, I certainly do not want to die with those terrible words in my head.........If only.

        10-30-2006     Richard Reed Jr        

whoa -one of your most moving poems.
Lots of deep felt emotion going on here.
As human beings we can all relate to this.
It is hard out there,

but I think we're meant to be out there
to test ourselves and grow stronger with each test.

This will always be one of your classics to me
my friend.

A true artistic piece.


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