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Nobody Is Like You

by hedwig (Age: 25)
copyright 11-07-2006

Age Rating: 18 +

Note:This a song I wrote for my boyfriend. We sadly broke up a week before his birthday so he never heard this song I was going to play for him. We're still friends. I don't know when I'm going to play it for him.

And I wouldn't care if this fucking world was ending, I wouldn't let go, I wouldn't scream, I'd just stare into your eyes. I've been living in a new world in my hometown ever since. Ever since I've seen your eyes. Their not just any ordinary blue eyes you hear about in overplayed songs. Your eyes are the kind that make everything better.
There's no one like you.
You have the beauty that made me melt. The body that makes everyone faint. The voice that made my heart sink. Your kind of love. Ohhh. Your kind of love. Its what I've been looking for.
I wanna see you. See you change through the seasons. I wanna see you. See you become more beautiful year by year. I wanna hear you. Hear you say I love you day by day. I'm thinking. I thinking of you minute by minute.
Nobody is like you. Like you...
Only you. Only you...
your the only one that can hold my hand. I'm only letting you kiss me, I'm only letting you hold me tight, I'm only hanging on your every word, I'm only telling you everything.
Incase you still didn't know.

nobody is like you.

I love you.

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        05-19-2009     D.j. Feutz        

i am sorry things didn't work out but i am sure he would have appreciated it love is such a strong feeling and it sometimes is so hard to find but some of us are lucky to have had felt it im sure that no matter what if you keep to your heart and follow it from this song i know you will find someone that feels the same way and maybe even who not only you can sing a smiler song to but might even have a song in store for you thx for sharing

        11-28-2006     Kay Murphy        

Came back. I adore this poem!!

        11-25-2006     Kay Murphy        

I can fully understand this writing. I feel the same for my boyfriend. Such a wonderful feeling love is and sometimes confusing. Excellent write.

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