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by chibimars
copyright 11-12-2006

Age Rating: 10 +

Why should I bother to live
when I'm really dying inside?
Why move toward the light of forgiveness
when I could stay in the shadows and hide?

There is nothing that can save me now;
No bit of goodness can I spare!
For now my purely wicked heart
is beyond repair...

I wish that I could turn back time;
Go back to where I need to be...
But now, alas, it is too late.
There's nothing left for me!

Now, in my world of Nothingness,
I live in self-pity and remorse,
praying that somehow, some way
destiny will change its course.

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        04-21-2010     Emily Valle        

Dark and sobering, but still enjoyable. You expressed it very well, you could almost hear the voice calling out of the darkness, crying out the words that you nicely presented.
Great write

        01-08-2007     Chessie Hodge        

This is very stark and plain. I like it because it conveys the emotions of the speaker very directly without immaturity. The feeling is one that many can relate to. There is an odd saying that comes to mind when I read this. Within pure darkness, there can be no shadows. Very good work!

        11-25-2006     Kay Murphy        

Nothing is to late to change or fix something that is broken. Nor is anything beyond repair. You still have hope inside of you for it can never die out that easily.
"When all hope seems lost ; More hope will come."
You will find your strength in time and you will see that these feelings will pass on. Sometimes it feels as if life is meaningless or is to harsh to bare. However, God never gives a mountain if he knows we are unable to climb. You will find your way and your destiny just keep hoping. You write wonderfully and I can truly understand your feelings for I have been there all of my life until now.

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