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I just need your affection Dad

by Kay Murphy (Age: 29)
copyright 11-25-2006

Age Rating: 13 +
I just need your affection Dad
Picture Credits: From my collection (friend)

It is hard to believe,
That you actually love me,
Hard to receive,
That this could be.
All I need is a connection,
Dad, some kind of sign,
A little more affection,
To say "Daughter you are mine."
I know you can tell in my eyes,
That I do not believe you one bit,
To you this came as a surprise,
And took a big hit.
I never meant to break your heart,
Not in this way,
But not showing love is tearing me apart,
Each and every day.
I only ask for one thing from you,
I guess it is too much of a chore,
Why cannot your love shine through,
Before the day comes of me walking out the door?
Am I so hard to love,
That it causes you to hate,
I shall pray above,
For your love to shine, this I can always wait.
I try to amount to something,
Make myself stand up tall,
Has to count for something,
Though you are my biggest downfall.
You always put me down,
As if I was nothing to congratulate,
Always hurting me when people are aroun',
And that is what I hate.
You tell your grand-daughter she is the best,
The apple of your eye,
And loving her you have confessed,
While I sit in the shadows to cry.
I cannot remember the last time you said,
"I love you, Kay,"
I try to remember as I lay in my bed,
And nothing comes along the way.
Except the crude words you speak,
I only asked for your affection,
That I still seek,
For and for a connection.
That I have not gotten,
I am among,
The forgotten,
All a long.
I realize that now,
That I can never be,
Never can be me.
You deny,
It everyday,
You can hear me cry,
But I never heard, "I love you Kay."
You despise me this I know,
And since I cannot get any love from you,
I will go,
And find somebody new.

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