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I Dreamed Of You

by Debra Rose (Age: 30)
copyright 12-05-2006

Age Rating: 10 +

And I told her,
"The night she left,
the darkness took even the stars away.
Even as I gaze at others,
...I dream of her."
And there was laughter,
but I shook my head,
grabbed her arms
and said,
"You don't understand...
...I dreamed of you
the night the world shattered beneath my feet,
the way the stars looked as I fell back.
The way the grass felt
as we rolled down that hill
and hit the fence.
Even as I kissed him.
I dreamed of you."

And then her arms dissolved.
And I was left with nothing but a dream.

This is a poetic version of a dream I had the other night. I wrote this in my livejournal, and thought it sounded cool. Hope you enjoy :)

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        12-16-2007     Lauren Turner        

Your poems are wonderful. The images are wonderful and some what mysterious. Great job.
As Walter Jones said, you are on the edge of greatness.
The poem is slightly confusing, but at the sme time makes perfect sence, like it has a deep underlying emotion that people can't understand.
Nice job~

        01-24-2007     Walter Jones        

You are always on the edge of greatness, special gift, confidence, grab it and run, enjoyed.. Walt

        01-03-2007     Jack Curson        

What do you mean Debra, this is awesome. I love the imagery.

        12-13-2006     Lyle Berry        

I liked the "dream within a dream" sensation that your poem evoked. I can see inside some poems and get the allusion that I am experiencing what the writer was feeling...this only happens once in a while with the really moving stuff..your poems do this to me they are wonderful. Minstrel

        12-06-2006     Wayne Thomas        

Stunning! A real Debra Rose poem. Subjectively, I would have left off the last couplet, but that's just me. I'll just bet this isn't the first draft. Excellent!

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