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Laughing Aloud

by Euna Park (Age: 25)
copyright 12-19-2006

Age Rating: 10 +

What greater pleasure is there
Than to laugh with all your heart
And find something to laugh about every day
No matter what circumstances you face

To be able to laugh at everything
No matter what you face each day
That is a strength that not many of us have
And it is something that is very hard to do

I do my best to laugh every single day
And laugh at all the things that try to stop me
Lauging with pure joy of living and seeing new days
Why should I not laugh every day?

A day that I do not laugh once
Is the day I die, I vow this
And even when I face Death himself in his castle
I will laugh and give him a hug

To smile with genuine happiness every day
No matter what you come up against
Run forward without the slightest hesitation
Down a path of no regrets

It is never too late to start running
And then to not look back again
Until you hold your goal in your hands
No day is ever so bad that you cannot laugh

If an endless dream guides your spirit
Conquer it!
Laugh and shake hands with any barriers
And run past while they are still confused

Are you strong enough to laugh every day no matter what life throws your way?

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        04-12-2007     Leigh Gilholm Fisher        

Heh, heh I can agree whole heartedly! No matter how dark a day, my friend always get me laughing, even if it's some crazy parody of Final Fantasy characters that gives me perverted thoughts for a month...XD My favorite part of this poem was, "A day that I do not laugh once
Is the day I die, I vow this
And even when I face Death himself in his castle
I will laugh and give him a hug" because it sounds so much like you. :) I also like the comparison with Death having a name and castle. :p Hmmm, I believe I read a series once that death was called "entrophy" or something like that. Random thoughts! I really enjoyed this piece; it's very true, everybody should be able to laugh. Even if it's at their friend admitting that she finds a fictional character good looking...It took a while to get her to admit it, though. :D Great work, Euna! I think this is one of my favorite poems by you!

Your friend,
Leigh of the Commenting Community

        01-10-2007     Chessie Hodge        

The best medicine in the world is laughter! This poem is great. Your words embody the importance of having a smile. Thanks for reminding us all of that!

Chessie H.

        12-22-2006     Jane Lee        

Whee! I just love to laugh. It really relieves my stress. Sometimes i laugh too hard that my mouth hurts and its hard to breathe but these days i don really do that. Anyways i heard that laughing is really good for your health. ^^ And am i strong enough? Well... I still have to find that out.

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