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True Nightmares

by whitedragon
copyright 12-21-2006

Age Rating: 13 +

I awake. It is dark, quiet, and typical of a Sunday night. I walk across the hall to the bathroom. I wash the sweat off my face which was caused by that terrible nightmare. It was probably sparked by the news report last night about another random murder in this suburb, adding one to the list of three…

I travel down the stairs into the kitchen to grab myself a drink, when out the kitchen window a police patrol car drives by. I don’t pay much attention. Then, just as the sound of the patrol car disappears another car pulls up infront of the house. I make my way back up the stairs but then have my curious senses tingled by the sound of a car door slamming shut. I continue walking and thinking it is just another patrol car but when I get my back into my bed, my brain begins to question…

Can you really be certain? Can you really afford to not be careful at a time like this?

I try to get to sleep but the thoughts are eating away at me. I try to tell myself….

The chances of anything like what happened on TV last night are pretty low. Out of all the places surely he can’t pick me and all the cops should scare him away anyway.

With these thoughts in my mind sleeping seemed easier and I start to doze away.

All is quiet again…But then! I hear a sound from downstairs. I can’t make out what it is. It sounds as if a lock is being opened or at least being attempted to…
My heart beat speeds up, I stand up. My thoughts are all a blur with every step I make out of my room. I try to look at where the sound was coming from, avoiding exposure.
There is an eerie shadowy figure outside of my front door!
My heart is racing I can feel it beating in my chest.


The door is unlocked and begins to open slowly…I quickly hide myself behind the corner. The feeling of knowing that there is a murderer in your house is like right out of the movies. I can hear every step he makes. The perspiration on my hands and body made the situation even worse and more uncomfortable. The intruder is getting closer, going up the stairs as quietly as possible. I watch him intently. He opens the door closest to him which just happens to be my bedroom. Fortunately for me I’m not in it, but as for the murderer he quickly changes stance from ‘stalker’ to ‘surprised’ and quickly turns around. Except this time he spots me. I freeze in terror but quickly force myself to run for the stairs.

The killer reacts and runs after me downstairs. I franticly race to the kitchen to get a pan or anything I can use as defence. Pull out a knife from the knife block and throw it at the intruder intending for the sharp end to hit but in this case it is the contrary and hit him in the stomach with the handle.

This stalled him for a second or two so I bolted out the front door onto the street. While running I peak behind me. I can see the figure with the long black cape getting further away. The ever so slight sense of relief seems enormous as I am beginning to feel safer with every metre I run.

Bang! …. .A small sharp object rips into my back. The pain of ten knives stabbed into you focused on one small area. I feel the rough surface of the road against my face. The irregular beat of my heart. It bleeds just as much as the wound…

Cold overcomes me…I see nothing…I feel nothing….

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        07-04-2008     Raycel Mckelleb        

MORE! More, more, more, more, more, more, more, more, MORE! Wow, that's got me pumped! Write more, pleeeeaasse?? (That being said, excuse me while I spend my energy on something constructive...)

        11-22-2007     Jacob Stiles        

I felt like looking over my shoulder several times while reading your story. This is the kind of tale that calls forth a sense paranoia, because it can actually happen to us... has happened to other people that unfortunately couldn't live to tell the tale. You speak for them. Great atmosphere of fear.

        11-08-2007     synclaire232        

Youch, that sounds really painful... Scary, that story is going to rip into my nightmares I tell you. Phew, you did a great job with the atmosphere.

Thanks for the good read!

        02-19-2007     Cindy Mitchell        

You know what really caught me was the fact that the murder the night before had been in the area and clearly there are police all over the place. I expected a "scare" of some type but not the ending. Great twist!!!

        02-05-2007     Chessie Hodge        

This was masterfully crafted! I could feel the intensity, the slight relief, and the blank cold of being killed. You kept my eyes glued to every word. This will certainly haunt my dreams tonight!!! Keep up the good work!


        01-22-2007     Marilyn Mackenzie        

Whew, I agree with Nancy Pawley. You did a good job of keeping us scared throughout the story. You also did a good job of writing in present tense. Lots of folks can't do that. They'll start out in present tense and switch to past tense.

        01-16-2007     Nancy Pawley        

your story leaves the reader terrified. I could feel the fear, the sweat, the elation, and then the total nothingness of being dead. Great write.

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