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My own World Side Crisis part 3

by Alma Hulbert (Age: 24)
copyright 01-04-2007

Age Rating: 10 +

It was dark out when I woke up the next morning. I rolled to my other side to find my hair in my face.
"Ew." It didn't look like my hair. It looked black. My hair is orange! I rolled onto my back and fell right to sleep.
I woke up again to see that there is indeed light outside. I looked at the clock on the night stand. It read 10:58. Oh, my goodness. I slept in. I sat up to realize I wasn't at home. I was in the 'visitor' bedroom.
"Wow, they do have a pretty big house." I muttered as I walked to where I thought the bathroom might be. I ran into a wall instead.
"That's right, it's in the hallway." I was used to having the door to the bath in my room. Now I had to walk out of my room to the bathroom. I felt weird wearing my frog pajama bottoms with my puppy top with bunny slippers. I made a light skidding sound when I didn't lift my feet up as I walked. I thought I was about to trip on my feet if I didn't walk right. I finally made it to the bathroom door.
"Whoa." I walked to see that it was bigger than our grand bathroom is. That's really my bathroom, but still. I felt small. I looked everywhere for the toilet. 'Found it.' I realized that I don't have to talk out loud if no one will hear me.

I went back to my room to find Jeff on my bed. It looked like he just woke up.
"Oh wait, that's me." I gazed at him to find out that he was pretty much my reflection. He was a hot reflection..
"Hey, I know I'm hot. You don't need to remind me."
"Will you stop reading my thoughts. I thought Salli was weird."
"She just knows how to read expressions and faces."
"I bet you read her mind?"
"No doubt about it." He acted too cheerful to have just woken up.
"I just haven't put jel in, that's all."
"Ugg!" I walked toward him and pushed him out of the way. He felt so real. I could feel him like he was a real person. Before, he just flew out of the way like he was a ghost or something. It made me think too much of...Ring! God I hated my ring tone on that damned thing. I walked to the other side of my room to get to my purse.
"Hey, Lanni. Hope I didn't wake you up."
"No I was up for a while actually."
"Oh, well I tried calling you earlier. I guess I was too early." Then it hit me. That's what made me suddenly wake up.
"Yeah, I must have still been sleeping."
"Wait, I'm surprised that your phone works so far away."
"Yeah. I've known it does this. Remember when I was in New York? I still got out to you, crystal clear?"
"Oh that's right." There was a yelling voice in the background. It was his brother.
"I have to go. Love ya.
"Love ya too. Talk to ya later, Ryen."
"Yep." He hung up and then I closed my phone. I put my phone back into my purse and heard Jeff,
"Someone's at the door."
'I think I already got that now that I'm facing them.' I had to think it to him.
"Morning." It was my uncle Dave.
"Mornin'. How was that?" He looked like my mother when she first found out that I had a boyfriend, annoying and trying to bug the info out of me.
"It was my boyfriend from California." Yes, my cold has gone away!
"What's his name?" He walked over to my bed and sat down. He was fully dressed for a working day in the 'snob' department, as my mom says. It's great how he is always traveling for his job. Its kinda like me, just I have to go visit relatives. It's weird how my father works in the investment thing and uncle Dave works as a International Investment Adviser. Oh yeah, I mean money. How do you think my dad gets such a nice house. Sometimes people off the streets walk up to the door to see what celebrity lives here. Its funny to see their face turn disgusted and walk away, depressed. Ha! This house would count as the Taj Mahal. That's how big it is.
"So?" Dave was on my bed with his legs crossed. I've seen worse in gays.
"His name is Ryen."
"Oh? That nice." Now I wasn't sure if he was pondering on the name or disappointed that it wasn't a foreign name or something.
"He's just getting the name processed into his head." Jeff just had to mind-read at a time like this.
'I thought so. You know what, get in my head before I start screaming at you.'
"Whatever." I loved the way he said that. It was smooth and sorta nice.
'Shut up!' I almost looked his way to yell at him but my uncle was still in my room. Then this ringing sound went off. I automatically went to my purse to get my phone. Then I realized it was coming from Dave. I turned around to see him standing up.
"Its my pager."
'Well that might be what was in your hand.' Right when I thought that Jeff was gone, he was sitting in the lounge chair.
"Don't get mouthy."
'Shut up.'
"Whatever." I just loved the way he said that. He said it a little too much. I just sneered at him when Dave wasn't looking.
"Well, I gotta go. I need to catch a plane." He checked his watch as he walked out. I don't think he needed it because there was a clock on the pager!
"Don't get rude."
'Shut up!' I was moving from yelling so much in my head. Dave turned around right before he was out of sight.
"Have you had breakfast yet?"

I was eating with Denis, eating breakfast, wouldn't you know it. Dave was on his way to the airport. He didn't take much. He just took a change of clothes and his briefcase. So now I'm alone with Denis. Why not get to know him, too. I had a such a nice quality time, five minutes, with Dave. Then it hit me.
"Just be glad he talked to you." It was my turn this time.
"You do know that's my word."
'Like I said, whatever.' He just stuck his tongue. I did too. Denis looked up just in time.
"What are you looking at?"
"Oh, I uh, had some egg on my face. I was getting it off."
"There are napkins if you need them."
"Thank you." Once he looked at his newspaper, I sneered at him. Jeff saw me.
"Don't do that behind someones back."
'It wasn't his back. He was facing me.'
'Whatever to you too.'
"Now now." I moved toward him over the table to face him.
"Whatever." I growled under my breath.
"What?" Denis was looking at me like I was messed up.
"Whatever...happened to the light that was in this house yesterday? When I first walked in, it was nice and homey."
"That might be because it was staring to get dark outside." He said it slow and dazed like.
"I knew that. I just thought, why not have it like that everyday?"
"Have you see how big this house really is? That would be a lot of light bulbs and bills."
"I never thought you would have to worry about bills."
"Well, ever since we moved in here, the electric company has been riding us. If we didn't send the bill the next day we ever got it, the electric company would make us pay a fee."
"That's sad."
"I'm not crying over it."
"No, I meant that why would someone do something so...low?"
"Who knows. Well, Dave and I talked last night and said that I should show you around the area, seeing you won't be here for long."
"Yeah, I'm only here for about a month. Way too short." I thought I should show him a head of time that I had sarcasm.
"Okay then. We better get dressed." I could hear the sarcasm in his voice as well.
"Okay." I got up to put my plate in the sink.
"Um, where's the sink?" I thought I was blind at this point.
"Oh, its on the other side." I turned around and found it. I hit my forehead, telling myself that I was blind.
"Don't do that. You will lose brain cells and have a low imagination."
"Sorry. Okay, I'll be down in a minute." A turned around to head towards the stairs. I tripped on the first step.
"You alright?" He was already at the top of the staircase.
"I'll live, I think." He didn't say anything and walked to his room. I stood up and walked up the stairs gripping the side rail. I made it up and went to my room. I closed the door to find Jeff on my bed, fully dressed.
"Do you mind?" I could finally talk out loud.
"Fine. Whatever." He walked over to a corner and faced it. I went over to my suitcases and got out a cute denim skirt. I pulled out a pink shirt and pink leggings. I grabbed a pair of pink stilettos and put them on. I grabbed my purse and walked out the door.
"Can I go?" Jeff had a puppy dog face, like petty begging.
"No, I don't want to be seen in public talking to my shadow. You can walk around and look at the sights."
"How will I get home?"
"Ug. You know how." He used images from my head to show where I was. He should know better.
"I don't like being alone."
"UG!" I had to shout to get my point across. There was a knock on my door.
"Is everything all right?"
"Yeah, I was just having a hard time choosing the right pair of shoes."
"I hear that." Denis's voice faded down the stairs.
"Look what you made me do."
"Whatever." Jeff just sat down on the bed and crossed his arms.
"I don't have time for this." I grabbed my purse and walked out the door. I didn't bother about Jeff.
"I heard that!" I'm gonna kill him when I get home. I almost feel on my face as I went down the stairs. Denis was waiting at the open door. They really get going when they say that they're going somewhere.
"You can sit in the front if you like."
"Fine." I climbed in on the side I'm used to. I noticed a steering wheel in my face. The last time I saw one that close, I was in a nice convertible on the way to the mall when some jerk cut me off and made me go flying off the road. I wasn't really flying but it felt like it. I was on the other side of the car getting my seat belt on. Denis understood how I got on the wrong side of the car. Thank god he let it slid. My mom always said that they didn't get very happy when you agitate them. Or was that on the next door neighbors? It doesn't matter. I still have to watch out. We were on the free way when my cell starts ringing. Who the heck would call me now? I looked at the caller ID to see that it was just Chloe.
"Lanni here."
"How come you didn't just call me?"
"I didn't want to call everyone while I was in the air. Besides, you know how we can get into conversations."
"True. Oh, are you there yet?"
"No, I'm still in North Carolina. Of course I am."
"How do you like it so far?"
"Good. I haven't seen anything yet but one of my uncles are taking me sight seeing. Nothing much else. I met Chad M. Murry and Elisha Woods on the plane and the steering wheel is on the opposite side. Nothing much." Denis looked at me when I said Chad Murry and Elisha Woods.
"Oh." I couldn't understand how she missed the way I said all of that fast and together. She's good at hearing everything I say.
"Wait!" She screamed into the phone so loud, I don't think China heard it clearly.
"A little louder, Chlo, I don't think China heard you clearly."
"Sorry. Anyway, what was it like?"
"What?" I like messing with her head.
"Oh my god, when you met Murry and Woods," She catches on quick.
"I mean, how did you meet them?"
"I just felt like buckling my knees and almost falling on my face."
"That's right. When you sit down for too long, your knees buckle. Anyway, how did you talk to them?" When did I say I talked the them?
"Chad caught me before I fell and helped me off the plane. Then I helped him not get trampled on by love-struck girls." Denis chuckled under his breath by my enthusiastic humor. I just smiled back at him.
"No way. He touched your hand?"
"More like held it, really. The girls didn't like me, once I was away, that's when they pounced." Denis laughed this time at my vocab.
"No way. Wow." Five, four, three two, one...
"What were they doing on a regular plane?" Damn, I have good counting.
"They said they didn't want to take a privet jet. To me, it just seemed that they wanted the publicity. I think I saw a few TV cameras. Maybe you should check the news more often. That would be great for my side too."
"Oh, I have to go."
"Too bad. Talk to you later."
"Ok. Bye Lanni."
"Ok, Chloe." She hung up and then I closed my phone. I stuffed it into my purse and looked up at the wide smiled uncle.
"Where do you get all of that attitude and smart remarks? Better yet, how you stay calm while talking about those kinds of things?"
"A lot of it has to go to parents. Also TV. Another part has to go with the way a lot of kids at California are."
"So, its a California thing?"
"You could say that."
"Hmm." Now he was looking out the front window.
"Where too, Jensen?"
"Ha. Maybe the Aquarium? Unless you want to go on the 30 minute long Millennium Wheel?"
"Do you have shopping?"
"You asked the right person. First, we have to trade your American money for pounds. A lot of shop owners hate trying to figure how many pounds equal a dollar. If they were smart, they would have known that a few dollars equal a pound. Its a lot easier to look at the price of pounds anyway."*****

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        07-11-2009     Alexandra Spencer        

This is really good, very good.

Having spaces between each person speaking, would be easier to read. But..this is an aswome piece of work :)

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