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Commenting 12/12/06 To 1/8/07

by Leigh Gilholm Fisher
copyright 01-10-2007
Contest Winner

Age Rating: 1 +

As of 12/12/06 I had made 1087 comments.
As of 12/13/06 I had made 1092 comments.
As of 12/29/06 I had made 1099 comments.
As of 1/7/07 I had made 1104 comments.
As of 1/8/07 I had made 1107 comments.
It is 1/10/07, and I don't know how many comments I'm going to make tonight.

I have only made 20 comments since 12/12/06...I'm working on boosting my ratio now! I'm submitting this for Samantha H's contest, "On your marks...Get set...Comment!"

I will continue to boost my commenting ratio, and hold to my name as a Commenting Crusader!

Visitor Reads: 1586
Total Reads: 1606

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        01-21-2007     Jordan Screws        

Greetings Leigh. It is nice to see that you are living up to the mission of the Commenting Crusaders. You do not do anything halfway, do you? 1100+ comments is the equivalent of a lifetime membership for most people, but it seems almost normal for an avid reader such as yourself... as one of the most active members of the Commenting Crusaders, you have certainly set a record that will be tough to match. You have overwhelmed the competition with your enthusiasm and energy: you definitely deserve the victory!

I know that this is a bit late, but I wish to congratulate you anyway. Keep up the good work!

Jordan of the Commenting Crusaders

        01-12-2007     Mehrina Asif        

As the Head Leader Champion Crusader, I might add. You're sure to win, Leigh! Keep those comments coming! One day, I might even reach that big a number! Wow, 1107 comments. More so now. Impressive! You truly are a Commenting Crusader! *bow down*

Proud Member of the Commenting Crusaders

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