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Haiku Lovers' Delights #2

by Richard Reed Jr
copyright 01-19-2007

Age Rating: 7 +

looking for love
in all the wrong places
black eyed susan

packed off to spring
autumn leaves
going away

diminish the sky

waking up early
waters the gardenia

its wheel turned to rust
many winters ago
an abandoned mill

a hen hatching eggs
on the dry barren plain
dawn breaks

in the basement
a boxed up overcoat
waiting to be worn out

morning rain
fencepost shadows
washed away

autumn leaves
the crow feeds
on the ground

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        02-14-2007     Misty Montier        

the haiku...not something I've been able to master...nice work...

        01-24-2007     James Shammas        

Nice selection, Reed. You prove you don't have to adhere to strict rules for Haiku, to get the point across. This, in fact, is the essence of Zen.
I particularly liked the next to last one, about the morning rain and fencepost shadows: how one transient phenomenon affects another, just as fleeting.


        01-22-2007     Wayne Thomas        

An excellent selection of "haiku". I enjoyed them thoroughly.

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