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Come Undone

by Misty Montier
copyright 02-15-2007

Age Rating: 13 +

its as if he wants something
other than what she’s willing to give, that is,
in her present state of mind,
can’t give what she doesn’t have,
at least that’s what she tells herself

she’s hammered, plastered
to the wall, undone from one
too many trips to the corner bar

she’s good at hiding things,
not even her closely knit crew
of family and friends knew,
though how could they not see

blind leading the blind, I guess

she’s feeling crowded right now
in a room with walls caving in all around,
she doesn’t want to let go,
speak, spill secrets to strangers
tell what’s become a life of lies,
white or otherwise

if they would only just let her have
a hit, a sip
of something, anything, today
gin on the rocks, a tiny ‘tini
shaken not stirred,
the shakes would go away

how dare HE demand she
step out the past into the future
when at present, in fact,
the pain sustains
she doesn’t yet know

—if she’d simply
come undone
she would see—

the world inside, outside insobriety
is more colorful, hopeful

just release, and

let go.

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