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Welcome To My Wonderful World

by Rebecca Couture
copyright 04-02-2007

Age Rating: 10 +

In many ways I am still a child
I'll never belong or fit in.
I may not grow and understand as you do
or think I should.
In your eyes, I am but a child.
Yet I am smart and I can learn
I have love
Lot's of Love waiting to be shared.

I live still in the child's world
of wonder and magic
Yet I must struggle to survive
also in an adult world that
I can never truly understand.
My world is soft and gentle and full of great beauty.
This adult world in which I am forced to live
is often full of hurt and hate.
So whenever I can,
I escape with my little ones to our world
Our special place, where books and stories
abound and things are real.
We explore and discover and grow and learn.
We climb Gordonís Hill and
can tell you where the grickle grass grows
and show you the home of the Lorax
and so much more.

Though I am physically handicapped
I can travel worlds away.
For to me as to all small children,
the magical world that is found in books
is very much real.
We can travel there and we are free.

Friend, Come travel with me and my wee'uns.
Leave your cares and worries behind.
Come spend a bit o' time in our world
of wonder and magic.
Rae 24 Oct 1998

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        09-09-2007     Richard Reed Jr        

Children have no worries and their suffering is short. They adjust so easily and accept others for who they are. Adults should be only big children, which I think we all are, but most of us take life too seriously and imagine our dangerous games much more than they really are.

This poem falls much in line with my own feelings, I also am handicapped.

Welcome to PnP, and thanks for sharing.


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