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It's A Bridge

by David Pekrul
copyright 04-15-2007

Age Rating: 10 +

It's a bridge from 'Here' to 'Over There',
A bridge from 'Now' to 'Everywhere',
A bridge that calms and sometimes scares,
A bridge that we must cross.

It's a bridge of 'Future' and 'The Past',
A bridge that we will cross at last,
We'll cross it slow or cross it fast,
No matter what the cost.

It's a bridge that's standing in our way,
We have to cross; we cannot stay,
Although it's solid, it may sway,
And to our death may toss.

It's a bridge that's ever on our mind,
A bridge that's there for all mankind,
A bridge that may be cruel or kind,
Our winning or our loss.

It's a bridge that's 'Life' or is it 'Death'?
It takes away our very breath,
It gives us peace or causes stress,
But we must go across.

It's a bridge that's here for me and you,
For some it's old, for some it's new,
Yet it is something we pursue,
To stay here we are lost.

It's a bridge that causes us to stare,
It may be right or so unfair,
But that's the burden we must bear,
Of gold or maybe dross.

It's a bridge that's different from the rest,
To each their own, and that's the test,
To cross our bridge and do our best,
Go on, not gather moss.

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