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Japanese Phrases and words 1

by Megan Cox (Age: 23)
copyright 05-02-2007

Age Rating: 4 +

Name suffixes:
-sama= A very formal, respected ending. It is used for someone of superior status, such as you boss, or to one's guests as a host/hostess.
-sensei=A respectful name meaning teacher. It also stands alone as a separate word.
-chan=A term of affection or friendship, it is used to form "pet" names. It should be used by young children, girls, or two people in a relationship.
-kun=It is used by a socially superior male to a socially inferior on, or between males who grew up together. Girls go straight from chan to san, but boys have a period of kun in between.
-san=A usual term of respect, like Mr. or Mrs.. It can be attached to first or last names.
-sempai=Used for one in the same general social class, but still socially superior.
-hime= Means princess.
-kimi=Means prince.
-kouhi/kisaki=Means queen.
Calling somebody by their name alone, without a suffix is taken as being either very familiar or very rough. Using no suffix can be seen as offensive.

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        04-12-2013     marvinthepoet        

Thank you Megan-San. I hope that's correct. It should be according to the article. It was a very good article. Very informative. I've always been interested in the Japanese language. Thank you. Keep writing!

        07-09-2011     Alexandra Spencer        

This is very good Megan, the descriptions are easy to read unlike in some books I have read in the past.

I'll go on reading the next one that you have done :)

        02-12-2008     Bethany Burkey        

Thank you for putting the Japanese suffixes on the internet. I am so happy that I finally found them and they are all correct.

        12-16-2007     Lauren Turner        

Nice job!
Some people over use these though, and honestly its agrivating, but when used correctly they are very nice. xD
I knew most of these, but it was informative all the same. Make more please?
- Laur

        12-01-2007     Jacob Stiles        

Sugoi Megan-chan!
I hope you make this a series! I learned most of my japanese words and phrases by watching various anime in japanese with english subtitles. Thanks for the refresher course! I'm taking a japanese language class soon and my goal is to become fluent in Nihongo!
Jya mata!

        07-12-2007     Megan Cox        

Yay! 100 reads! Thank you very much, domo arigato! Please read Warriors fanfic: Light of StarClan if possible!

        06-25-2007     Sammy Anderson        

Oh my.. I will have to use these when I go to Japan. Don't want to give the wrong impression... using the wrong honorific could send out the wrong impression. Thanks for the info!

        06-04-2007     Haley Robinson        

Thanks! This is so helpful! When I watched my sailor moon dvd's I always wondered what "chan" and "san" and all those other suffixes meant! Thanks, so much! =]

-Haley R.

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