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It's Not My Fault!

by Megan Cox (Age: 23)
copyright 05-08-2007

Age Rating: 4 +

It's not my fault
I had fifty homework assignments to do.
It's not my fault
My stuff was piled up so high that I couldn't open the door to my room.
It's not my fault
My room flooded, and I can't swim.
It's not my fault
The aliens said that if I cleaned my room, they'd come and eat my cat.
It's not my fault
My room turned to solid cheese and the mutant lab mice came and ate all of my furniture!
It's not my fault
My cat got tired of me whining, “It's not my fault!” and blew up my room!
I can't clean it now.
Can I wait 'till it grows back?

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        06-03-2014     Anthony Lane Stahlhut        

When my girls were growing up I use to say that if you could see any carpet in their must be wash day! This is very fun to read and maybe I can use some of these reasons someday! Good job, Anthony

        04-29-2010     Emily Valle        

LOL this was funny and cute. I as well liked that each excuse got bigger and bigger. It made me want the poem to go on to see what thing would be even bigger then the next! very imaginative and fun. Good work!

        05-06-2008     Jade Luke        

I don't think it'll be growing back soon. I hope. Everyone knows the aliens are taking out our educational system. I like how it starts out realistic then gets more far-fetched.

        02-12-2008     Bethany Burkey        

This is so funny and you wrote it in ten minutes. I am so glad our English teacher had us do so many funny poems. That project we did was so much fun.

        02-07-2008     Amy Brown        

This poem is hilarious. It reminds me of some of the excuses I gave my mother when I didn't want to clean my room when I was younger.

        11-18-2007     Lauren Turner        

C= Nice excuses to not clean your room or turn in a paper. xD I liked it seeing as how I HATE cleaning my room.
I loved it, I think I might favorite it.
No problems that I can see.
Read some of my poetry?
Pretty please?

        07-17-2007     Samantha Powers        

lol this poem was wierd
very wierd
at first it was natural because everyone gets overlaoded especially with school lol aliens?
cats blowing up stuff
i like your imagination
this was an awesome but yet very akward poem
i dont think ive ever read anything like it
yet it was so original
it wasnt like the dog ate my homework
it was so much cooler
i loved this poem

        07-10-2007     Megan Cox        

Yay! 100 reads! Thank you, all my readers! Please read my Warriors fanfic: Light of StarClan!

        07-02-2007     Richard Reed Jr        

Totally amusing heh, heh, heh.
It put a great big smile on my face and made my day. My friend bought me a t shirt with a great big fuzz ball on the front captioned "Mr. Messy".

Great work, keep them coming,


        06-14-2007     Megan Cox        

I had to write this for a school assignment(whew! I finally spelled that right!). Little did I know how much fun it would be! So, I liked it, and my teacher adored it(she knows about my being on PnP), and she said that I should put it on. Obviously, I did. And I'm glad!

        06-13-2007     Jordan Screws        

Hahahahaha! How amusing! I can relate to the experience of a messy room quite well. Even though I am now in college, it is still a bit of a mess. But one should have seen it when I was younger... books and papers everywhere, not to mention an occasional article of clothing like socks or shorts.

Leigh made the only real criticism of this otherwise solid work. That one mistake is only a minor slip in grammar and easily remedied, so nothing to worry too much about. Anyone that is not a "neat freak" can relate to this work's theme of the room that is always messy and find humor in the constant excuses the narrator gives for not cleaning their room. Aliens, mutant lab rats, and a cat that blows your room up? Those excuses are priceless, considering that I have made up some larks involving federal agents hiding listening devices in the book piles (it's a long, goofy story...) and that the mess of books and papers was healthy to live in.

Overall a good job. It brought back memories of my childhood and early teenage years. Maybe I should clean my room now... or maybe not. Now I don't have to make excuses... all I have to say is that I'm simply too lazy to do it today! Good work and thanks for bringing back the memories!

        06-09-2007     Brittney N. Nasca        

Very good poem! Very funny too. A good write. I can relate. My parents sometimes aske me "Is there a dresser in this room or just a pile of cloths?" Or, "How many pounds of cheese are you growing with those old glasses of milk?" lol
Keep up the god work.

        06-08-2007     Wayne Thomas        

This is absolutely beautiful, and so flawlessly written I wouldn't change a thing! When I was a kid I didn't have much, so my room was easy to keep clean. Now, as an adult, well, things just seem to keep creeping into my room so that now and then I have to go on "Neat Frenzy". Which lasts about a week and then it's back to that "lived-in" look. Great write and a great read. Loved it.

        06-03-2007     Haley Robinson        

This is a cute poem =]
I can relate to it so much! People can't even go in my room because it's so gross =P Though I'm ALWAYS told to clean it, I keep putting it off because of COURSE I'm a procrastinator too.
Go figure =P

But, anyway, I like how you repeat the line "It's not my fault"!

Nice job!
-Haley R.

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