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"A Child of God?"

by Jeniffer Brand (Age: 47)
copyright 06-10-2007

Age Rating: 7 +

Sadness, fear, pain....
....cries, screams, panic, then....
despair which = death.

Almost like a horror movie. THAT was me. That was me not so long ago. For years, and years, and years. The only thing that kept me alive was God. Why? This was the question I'd ask over and over again. Now I know. Because I'm His child. He protects me from the evil and from Satan continually tying to tear me apart emotionally so deep in the hopes that I may despair. My life is God's plan. Everything that happened to me was God's plan to create the "me" today. It was all a teaching that was meant to help fulfill the purpose He has planed for me.

I'm still walking a very thin line. Stepping over that line is very easy. In a split second I could fall into the total darkness, the darkness I have seen, and help the demons in taking my life. They want that. I'm a threat to them. They want control over my mind and emotions, although, they know all to well that I belong to God. They play with my emotions and my soul, they test my faith and my love. They torture me in ways most people have no understanding. They call my name, laughing, though they KNOW God is holding on tight to the back of my shirt. The Holy Spirit within me nails my feet to the ground and gives me the strength to scream "NO" while tears run down my face and the last bit of strength I have grows weak.

I'm a child of God. Therefore I must grow in faith and grow in strength. The sins I create against God are nothing complared to the battle I fight against Satan! For I'm safe in the arms of God's mercy and grace given to me by His Son. I'm safe in the arms of my Father. Little does Satan know he pushes me into those arms when he tears me to shreds piece by piece! Little does Satan know my sins are forgiven and have little to no meaning on how God, my Father, sees me when He looks upon me!

I'm a child of God. I will stand strong with every ounce of strength that Satan drains from my soul and with the last breath I'll ever take! I'm a child of God and cannot lose this fight no matter what happens. I will fulfill my purpose God has planed for me. There is no way around that.

With black eyes, a bloody nose, a tortured and battered soul, a broken heart and tears...I will one day stand before my Father and fall into His loving arms. Because I'm a child of God.

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        08-28-2007     Marilyn Mackenzie        

Amen. Yours is an excellent reminder that each one of us, though battered and bruised, is whole and beautiful before God. He can make us so! The fight is never over, but God is there to help. Thanks for sharing!

        06-20-2007     Frank Fields        

A very emotional presentation, carried well by the intensity and choice of words. Surprisingly, without references to the cliches so over-used, alluding to hell-fire and brimstone on the one hand, and choirs of angels on the other, your faith is awesome. Can't comment on the content, because its yours. Sacrosanct and inviolate, it belongs to you. On the manner of presentation, development, texture, imagery, depth of content, meaning portrayed, and such, comment can be made.

I thought about the introductory opening...
Then about the words completely capitalized...
Then some words being placed between quotes...
My final (sort of ^^) thinking, was that this was the you crafted your write. And it was the reader's job to go along with you on these slight deviations, and give you poetic license to present your offerings without undue criticism from "salty pen." It is a good write, strong and powerful, and very much seen as being motivated by your own Truth and Faith. May you continue to emerge victorious!

Frank :)

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