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by Lyle Berry (Age: 70)
copyright 06-26-2007

Age Rating: 18 +

For years he was unaware
that he did it
Some reflex defense mechanism
(I suppose that’s what it was…)
acting out
the behavior of those he met
An instinctive adaptatation to

blend in like some psycho-chameleon
mimicking people he met
adopting hand gestures,
morphing facial expressions,
imitating pitch and timbre of voice,
Mexican guys he talked to
were probably pissed
convinced he was mocking them
that machismo thing
would find such conduct
an affront
And blacks must have thought him
some jive-ass white boy
nigga wannabe
when his speech suspiciously
waxed drawly
and ebonic

when he discovered
his idiosyncrasy
one day
as though realizing he’d
tossed his lucky condum into the
Sunday collection plate…

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        06-28-2007     Richard Reed Jr        

The last two lines are hilarious.
I found this to be quite humorous but with a touch of reality.
I think we all mock our peers from time to time-
and why not.
I tend to like people who can laugh at themselves.
Good poem -keep them coming.

Your friend,


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