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Lone Wolf

by Debra Rose (Age: 30)
copyright 07-16-2007

Age Rating: 18 +

Not really an orphan
But I'm the forgotten child
of a family that doesn't exist.
Wandering through life and trying to find
a family of my own
to click into.
Always finding pre-made groups
and cliques that I just can't seem
to mold right with...
...I'm a polygon
taking shelter with circles.
A square in the space of a sphere.
Seeking comfort or virtue in this amalgam
of similarities.
I look out from the leaky roof
to the storm I'm running into.
Either shirk completely my comfort
for warmth,
or keep my blanket
and stay in the rain.
Can't decide,
but feelings say it's decided for me.
I'm pissed off and boring
and thinking of scoring,
and taking five steps back
from my progress.
I could be married by now
in a house with two kids.
Could be writing while supported
by my husbands budget.
Wrapped safe in the arms
of humble obscurity,
held gently by a man
who smells of insecurity,
instead of diving into something unforeseen
and sinking quick.
Try to save this Titanic
with a fly wing and a toothpick.
But I'm paddling in puddles,
and nothing makes a difference,
the band is still playing
and I'm regretting
all that I've said.
A lone wolf destined to never
find a home,
has found an owner to gently pet it,
try to tame it's wayward soul,
but the call of the coyotes,
cries out to the lupine,
and I'm shivering and wondering,
do I give up civility?
Do I drop my wolf instincts
to settle down with this man?
Do I grab onto nature,
and do the best I can,
in a pack that's so different
when I'm the last of my kind?
Can I come out of denial,
or will I lose my mind?

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        07-21-2007     Walter Jones        

In form and sound a picture painted, a soul seeking, leading past old to new, escape and acceptance, lone wolf running to find a home, continue to the warmth waiting and resolve to be just only loved... all the best kid..Walt

        07-21-2007     Wayne Thomas        

Sounds like a deep soul-searching and the answers aren't always easy to find. In the tangle of today's world and its conflicting mores it's not hard to lose one's mind. But don't. You're still one of our best writers.

        07-19-2007     Richard Reed Jr        

In my humble opinion one has no other choice but to be rue to its own nature, or else it will become sick and die.

This is a very powerful poem, and it grabs hold of the audience from the beginning and never lets go until the end with such phrases as:

"A lone wolf destined to never
find a home,
has found an owner to gently pet it,
try to tame it's wayward soul,
but the call of the coyotes,
cries out to the lupine"

Great writing, I always like your depth.


        07-16-2007     Samantha Powers        

this seems so sad yet it makes sense.
even when we are lost and stuck
the road splits in two
but we dont kno which to choose

i say follow one of my favorite poems
the road less traveled by
robert frost

this may be you or someone else but i say follow your heart and instead of following all the circles make your own tale
dont be cinderella tell life your foot isnt supposed to fit the hoe
its supposed to fit you
and sorry for the in that type of mood
this was so beautiful and i think the title goes great and i love how you rhymed in the poem.
great job

left curlique right curlique
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