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The Dance

by Riona Evers
copyright 07-23-2007

Age Rating: 13 +

As the deliberate twilight drew ever near
The grand hall lived with vivacious company
With myriads of novel faces unknown
And various humming whispers unfamiliar

Standing aside, my glance wandered among
The faction, seeking without purpose
While the quartet's harmonic voice
Echoed melodiously among the quite air

Affluent lords clad in refined attire
Triumphed over their sought after accolade
Elegant ladies draped in silk and gold
Blushed crimson with unspeakable pleasure

Amid the unions, you treaded with lenience
Like a warm summer breeze teasing the trees
You presented a hand with a gallant smile
As any and all preface was made gratuitous

My heart danced riotously to the tempo
While pondering over your benevolent offer
When you suddenly grasped my hesitant hand
And took my body in your convivial embrace

Guidance betrothed with each lilt step
We waltzed a waltz of ethereal euphoria
Gazing into your lucid eyes with bliss
Our lips joined, as our souls became one

I closed my eyes with burning desire for
Time to halt, for night to never cease
Yet, as I opened my weary eyes again
You've vanished, leaving only your smile

I retired to my place still agleam
Wondering if I had been lost in a dream

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