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by Eric Anderson (Age: 34)
copyright 08-08-2007

Age Rating: 13 +

Midnight chimes, and rest eludes me as
I pace to and fro, this Age of Man a harlot
Pressing to an unwanted embrace.

Out my window, across the street
These brick and mortar monstrosities stare me down
With spiteful eyes of crystal sand.
A wicked gale breathes life to a rejoicing flag,
Dancing, playing it's shadow on the walls.
Crumpled newspapers flee down the sidewalk,
Fugitives from their trash can prison.

In the distance, iron beasts growl complacently
While nameless faces bustle below,
Setting out for tasks unknown,
Subjugated by the Age of Man.

Restless, I walk ceaselessly to escape this
Sardonic metropolis,
Yet it pursues me,
Knowing there is no solace from this urban ruin.

I look to the sky, desperate for comfort.
Then, beyond the indigo hue I see it...

The gaseous body pierces my cognizance,
A spear of light through willing flesh,
It's refulgent splendor stealing me away
To a place of unequaled bliss;
A place of flowing golden fields
Abound with amethyst lilacs and lotus blossoms,
A benign breeze wafting their
Rapturous scent to me.

I bask in the solitude of this esoteric paradise,
This utopia free from the
Stifling bonds, these modern manacles.
A stoic smile belies this
Resounding sense of self repose...

I arise with sleep glazed eyes,
Thrust back into this hell of
Lifeless brick and steel.
Racked with rage I curse,
Scream at this city for
Drowning my dream scape, seizing my sanity.
I await a response,
Receiving none...

Whenever I now gaze the sky,
I offer silent praise to Polaris,
For once granting me an
Ephemeral reprieve from this Age of Man.

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