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by Leigh Gilholm Fisher
copyright 10-17-2007

Age Rating: 10 +

July 26th, 2007

Obeying your wishes,
Doing your deeds,
Not resisting the ways you pulled me around,
Did I dance perfectly back then?
I did everything you wanted me to
I was your marionette

I started to cut a few strings
You dropped the threads one too many times
You jerked me into motion when I was in pain
I didnít want to dance, but I preformed perfectly for you
You would said it was inevitable I would dance my own way one day
But when I cut a few strings,
You were ready to replace them with sharp wire
Simply to control your marionette

In the time youíd drop the threads and let me do as I pleased,
Youíd pick them up again the second I did something you disliked
But I cut a few strings,
So you couldnít stop me so easily
You wondered why have a marionette,
If the marionette canít be controlled very well

I severed more and more strings,
But I still mimic the old dance
Just to please you a little
You have a hard time stopping me now
Iíve cut every string you use to manipulate me
There are still the unseen binds that hold some degree of control over my mind,
But I shall sever those soon

I dangle by a few strings now
Just enough not to fall
But you have no control over me
The way I dance is entirely up to me
Iím not a very good marionette, now am I?

These last few strings are being pulled to their maximum
But I donít want these ones to break too soon
If they do, Iíll only find myself bound tighter than ever before
With the binds on my mind gone,
But Iíd have no control over my body
Thereís a name for that:
And itís ďa broken marionetteĒ

Iíll break them when thereís something below me to land on
In truth, I doubt theyíre going to hold that long
The fall will be far
I canít lie: Iím afraid of what lies below
Because I could very well become your marionette again

But no matter what happens,
I will always have my memory
And my dream
The strings are always removed at some point,
You just didnít want to slowly remove them
Like most puppeteers do
The normal puppeteer has faith in their marionette, right?
Maybe itís not just that marionette thatís at fault

Even if I become you marionette again
Iíve got my future
Even the strongest of wills can flicker out,
But I know I can endure
Because I think I see the shadow of the ground below me already
Iíll never be your perfect marionette again

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        12-14-2007     Mary -BrytEyz- Ball        

How apropos... a child could say this to a parent, a girl to her "guy", a student to their mentor... ah, so many situations this could so easily fit into. And selfishly, I shove myself and my own situation to the forefront and see myself... breaking free from a dizzy spell of abuse... one thread at a time. (soft smile)

Thank you for this.


        11-20-2007     Tiffany Forster        

I have written three comments now for this poem, the previous two were eaten by my loving internet...I hope this one works...
Anyway, this is a great piece, I find it quite haunting mainly because of how truthful it is in the comparisons of humans and puppets. And it is wonderfully written as well.
The last three stanzas are by far my favorite, I really enjoy the tone that you have set in them, I can't really explain why, but it's really well done.
Again, wonderful piece!

Tiffany <3

        11-13-2007     Lauren Turner        

I love the comparison of humans to dolls and puppets. Does that mean I'm crazy? xD
Well written, I loved the way it ended, that you wouldn't be perfect.
Great job, and keep writing.

        10-27-2007     Walter Jones        

The creativity in both thought and form pulled at me, the verse clever in sound on sound echoed in my ear and mind, genuine in nature and presentation, feelings of in measure allowed the reader to share the authors intent, cutting edge..

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