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A Poem For You

by Shannon Walter (Age: 25)
copyright 11-07-2007

Age Rating: 1 +

I see you during the day,
I see you in my dreams,
I see you smile and I canít help but smile.

You walk into the room and my heart stops,
Everything and everyone disappears except your face.
I cherish every moment I am near you,
Because I know it might be my last.

I look into your eyes and see,
A vast ocean of blue.
When you look into my eyes what do you see?
A pile of dirt, I would imagine.

I want to feel you,
I want to hug you,
I want to kiss you,
I want you to want me.

You are not like the other silly boys,
You are kind and caring,
You care about more than sex,
You value your friends.
I just hope you value me too.

I care about you, canít you see?
We should be together,
We can heal each others wounds,
Mend each others hearts.
I wish so much for you to give me a chance,
And I will prove to you that I am not like the other girls,
As you are not like other the boys.

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        01-11-2008     Mike Gallimore        

This is very nice. I can tell you that one of the problems with writing when you're older is that it's a big risk to plainly state your feelings, so it becomes very difficult. A lot of poetry ends up being code for what the author wants to say, but can't risk putting on paper. Your poem reminds me what it was like to be young and not afraid of risks. Thanks.

        12-05-2007     Samantha Powers        

This was amazing. I havent read a poem like this in a long time. Normally poems are all about emotion, in which this one is too, but a different kind. It made me laugh a little bit and i dont know if that was your intention but it did.
And yah i've been in this situation, and guys like that are hard to come by. If i where you i'd dive for the base and hug it for dear life lol.
You have a nice writing format that I see you like to stick to.
You're a really good writer
keep it up
Sammy of the CC

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