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Sekai wa Subete

by Leigh Gilholm Fisher
copyright 11-08-2007

Age Rating: 10 +

“This world is nothing.”
I couldn’t say anything to you
I hung my head low and tried to read the rest of your words through the tears..
While muttering, “but it’s everything…it’s everything!”

Kono sekai ga kuchihatetemo

I felt so distant and able to forget
But it haunted the back of my mind
There were still empty tears running down my cheeks
I crumbled to my knees on the floor and tried not to make a sound as the screen went blank

Kono sekai ga kuchihatetemo

I had to compose myself long enough to say goodnight to my family
This is now…but I wanted to embrace the distance
Pretend that your words weren’t “now”
If they were distant maybe I wouldn’t cry

Kono sekai ga kuchihatetemo

I whispered it again and again as I cried to myself to sleep
“It’s everything…”

Kono sekai ga kuchihatetemo

“This world is nothing.”
Your words keep repeating in my head
You didn’t have to say them aloud
When ever I close my eyes I still see them
I still feel the collar of my shirt clinging to my skin…
Wet with tears

Kono sekai ga kuchihatetemo

I can’t bring myself to say this is nothing
Because if that is so I’ve done nothing
And I am nothing

Kono sekai ga kuchihatetemo

“This world is nothing.”
How I’d love to believe those words
The mere idea of it filled me with peace
But if this is nothing, what’s the point in trying so hard?
How could all the suffering be worth it?
It’s everything

Kono sekai ga kuchihatetemo

It’s everything to me
But it’s nothing to you
That makes me nothing too
That’s not what made me cry
It’s that you’re nothing in your own eyes too

Kono sekai ga kuchihatetemo
And we’ve lost everything

Even if this world falls to ruins
It’s everything
And we’ve lost everything

Sekai wa subete…

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        12-20-2007     Rikki Visser        




I wholeheartedly agree with Samantha. I love how you repeated "Kono sekai ga kuchihatetemo
Subete" so many times. It confused me at first because i forgot that in japanese, you can sometimes express being without using the verb "desu" eventually, though, it penetrated my thick skull that you were saying "this world is nothing" (please don't assume i'm an expert on the language, i'm still trying to wrap my mind around the basics)My praise may not count for much, but i still like to give it, so, amazing amazing amazing!

        12-14-2007     Mary -BrytEyz- Ball        

I'm a sucker for repetition, and girl, you've got it down pat!

Not to mention, the emotional force behind all you write. It makes me want to stay here and point to you next to me and say, "I KNOW HER!!!" and bask in the glow of your talent. :-)

Great job, as always.


        11-20-2007     Wayne Thomas        

Leigh, you're the greatest! A splendid piece of personal philosophical probing.. I liked it so much. It's clear, easy to follow, and has definite direction. I think: "Am I am or am I not? And then I think: I have to be part of everything or I am nothing. And I'm not nothing! Not for nobody! And I like the Japanese. I've long been fascinated by the language, especially during my study of haiku. Does the refrain mean "the world is everything"? Anyway, keep it up, girl, you're just so good! Your somewhat older friend, Wayne

        11-13-2007     Tiffany Forster        

Um. Wow.
That pretty much sums up my reaction right there. This was a beautiful piece, I love your voice and the word choice. You convey emotion beautifully through your words and that is something that is very hard to do to this extent.
And I really like the Japanese. I have a strange love of that language and it adds a lot to your poem (it's such a pretty language).
You might think about adding what the phrases mean at the end, just for people to know (not everyone will figure it out/know Japanese... haha).
Anyway, back to the poem. Yes. Loved it, its gorgeous really and there isn't much else that I can say about it. Well, aside from it rocks.
And I am reminded of a Gackt song... something like 'Last Song'.
Again, wonderful poem.

Tiffany <3

        11-09-2007     Samantha Powers        

First comment and praise *does happy dance*

this piece was amazing it was like a little story that kept my attention the whole time
I am the first comment! finally its been a while on one of your pieces.
I finally got a new keyboard so i can now comment more pieces.
I like how you repeated the meaning and even though i didn't know what the words where as i continued to read i discovered that they meant the words that this world is nothing.
In life it is so sad to see how people have been put down so much, and insulted or beat by their parents, that they have nothing to live for, and they think they truly are nothing.
But you just have to ask them if it is really true , do they think you are nothing. And even if they say that they may not always truly believe it for the truth. Everyone has something to live for, and if it is not something it is someone, so i absolutely love this poem with a passion.
You are a great writer and i haven't seen a piece this good by you in a while
Its been a while since we have talked send me an email or something since no one ever opens up the chartroom anymore. Plus we all seem to be so busy on pnp and in real life.
Yours truly

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