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The Seven Deadly Sins

by Lauren Turner
copyright 11-18-2007

Age Rating: 13 +

I'm lurking in your heart
wanting more and more
I don't care what it is
Or what its for

You want it
You'll do what ever it takes
To have it for your own
You'll make some big mistakes

I'm laughing at you falling
I'm pulling all the strings
Your hurting, cheating, lieing
For only earthly things

I'm in your heart
making you want what you don't need
I'm one of the Deadly Sins
I am the Sin called Greed

I making you be lazy
You won't get up today
I make you numb to calls around you
You know I'll get my way

Sleep is something that you need
I'll give you more and more
Until you're fully rested
you won't go out the door

Work is too tiring
School gets in the way
Chores are bothersome
so sleep the day away

I'm making you be lazy
Sleep and eat, do them both
I'm one of the deadly sins
I'm the Sin called Sloth

I'm making you hate others
For what you don't own
You can get so angry
at people you have known

You call me a monster
I'm only trying to show you
What you could have, but you don't
You won't see anything once I'm through

Why can't you have that?
That could've been yours
I'll tell you what to do
To make sure this endures

I'm making you a monster
You want what you see
I'm one of those Seven Sins
I'm the Sin called Envy

I'm the one who makes you hunger
Eating doesn't harm you
Take as much as you want
Eat everything else too

You want more and more
This craving is so strong
You'll eat and eat your life away
You'll eat so much that you can't tell what is right or wrong

I'm howling at your pain
Watching you get fat
Watching people pick on you
and its my fault at that

I'm the one who makes you hunger
The one who puts fat in your belly
I'm that seemingly harmless Sin
I am Gluttony

I make him seem so perfect
I make her so wonderful
I make your mind go crazy
I make fantasies make your head so full

You wish you could hold him
You wish that you could kiss her
I say go ahead
Make this feeling linger

I'm making boys look so charming
I make girls look so hot
I make everything seem so cloudy
on what is love and what is not

I make them seem so perfect
I seem like I'm one to trust
I'm the most tricky of the Sins
I'm the Sin named Lust

I make you blind with anger
How dare they do that to you
I hatch plots in your mind
I'll tell you what to do

You'll hate them till they say sorry
You'll make them cry and weep
For forgiveness for their crimes
You'll plot this in your sleep

"I'm the one at fault here
your not the one to blame"
It's what you want to hear from them
Make them feel so much shame

I make you blind with Anger
No one will stand in your path
Because I'm one of those Sins
I'm the sin of Wrath

Pride (or Vanity)
I'm going to make you happy
The mirror doesn't lie
Look how pretty you look
We can be friends you and I

You'll hold you head up so high
People will be amazed
At your wonderful looks and features
On a platform you'll be raised

No one is as good as you
Not one can ammount
I'm the one whos telling you
You're the best inside and out

I'm going to make you happy
Others step aside
Because in your world your the best
Thanks to me, I'm pride.

They're all around us
Trying to win
Don't listen to their lies
Don't give in to Sin

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        03-26-2009     June Nazarian        

Lauren, saw you on line, checked out your page and picked a poem for comment. I really like this one, it is well-written and each sin has its say as to why and how it works. I have always been fascinated by the word "sloth" but was too lazy to look it up, :) A very nice work................June

        12-28-2007     Dori Del Valle        

WOW... i loved it... i enjoyed how you put it in the sins perspective and your words makes you understand how evil they are... you have a good sense of writing... your title caught my eye but your actual write kept me there... it was great ^-^

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