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by Tammy Frascona (Age: 35)
copyright 01-14-2008

Age Rating: 16 +
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Empty minded like the squirrel;
Twisted like the tightest curl,
Wandering around like a ferret;
Oh God… I just can’t bare it!

Cold as snow in January;
I find myself saying “On The Contrary”
Wrong like a dog with two heads;
Struggling to mend the broken threads!

Blame razor sharp in my side
In my heart I can not hide.
Sinking in the quickest sand
Someone please… grab my hand!

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        02-02-2008     Mike Gallimore        

Wow! This poem is packed with great images, and the text matches the photo perfectly. That makes me wonder which came first, the photo or the poem. I often see an image or hear something that makes me think of writing a poem. Is that the case here? I hate to think that all the dark poems I read here reflect truly desperate authors. Finally, from the nitpicker in me, did you really mean "bare it", or did you intend "bear it" ? Great job!

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