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Invisible Scars

by Leah Gonzalez
copyright 02-07-2008

Age Rating: 13 +

It wasn’t each hit that hurt,
Cause the pain went away,
It was her twisted words
That still haunt me to this day.

She’d scream at me and yell at me,
And scar me with her cries.
She’d blame me for her problems,
And weave those puzzling lies.

Later, she said she loved me,
Though I didn’t deserve it.
Cause it was my fault she was upset,
That it was my fault for each hit!

That I wasn’t what she wanted,
And I was always to blame.
Each time, it hurt more and more
While scarring, all the same.

I felt so lost and so alone,
Where did I go wrong?
I guess I was a horrible daughter,
So we never got along.

I was afraid, lost, unloved…
Rejected and misunderstood.
Trapped, powerless, and hated,
Even though I tried to be good.

I wanted her to love me,
But that never was the case.
When I tried to make her proud,
I was always a disgrace.

I kept it all to myself,
Never telling how I feel.
Now I know that the wounds
Of her words will never heal.

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        05-04-2011     Alan Reed        

A compelling write. Watermarks made in indelible ink. You can feel them and they are seen only in your actions. Remarkable piece. - Alan

        05-23-2008     Brooke Marquette        

This hot me right to the bone! A totally haunting poem..very deep and full of pain. I could feel it seeping from each word. Amazing work.
That is so awful! I really hope that everything is going better and that you are out of that situation! Horrifying expiriences like that should never happen!

        04-06-2008     Lauren Turner        

Whoa. Another very powerful poem from you!
This one has to be one of your best. Abuse is a horrible thing, no matter what it is, in forms of words or violence. You show shuch a powerful thing in such a short poem compared to what many could say in an entire essay. You have remarkable talent!

        02-25-2008     Wayne Thomas        

Chilling! You're such a good writer; this is excellent. The feelings, alas, are all too common in this age of the world. I went through a lot of hell as a boy, things it took me a long time to get over, but I think I finally did. For me, that was a long time ago. For you, in the present, I hope things aren't as bad as they seem in your poem. Hang in there, Leah, things have to get better sometime. In the meantime, I feel with ya.
Very best,

        02-19-2008     Bethany Burkey        

This is so sad. I never realized how horrible parents could be. It isn't your fault it is hers. She should be happy with you being all that you can be. You should not have any standards that your parents should expect you to live up to. You should just be you and she should love you for who you are an not hate you for what you aren't

        02-13-2008     Leigh Gilholm Fisher        

Hmmm, this is parent related poetry, eh? For me I write divorce poetry. My catch phrase is, "I had a great childhood until my mother quit smoking." My adolescent-hood? Ehhhhhhhh. I have friends and tech toys.

Anyway, the descriptions and ideas conveyed in this piece were very good. My father mentioned to my mother how I mentioned I don't want to be anything like her and things have been turbulent since. I'm in the mood to read this type of poetry, so that also improve my thoughts on it.

The moral was haunting but good. Parents might not deal physical damage to their children but it doesn't mean there isn't emotional damage. There's also divorce to throw a monkey wrench into most situations. ^-^

Anyway, the poem was very good. The flow kept things speeding along while the words stuck to the readers' mind and left them echoing as the reader opens the link to post a comment. Good work!

However, there is still a bug in my keyboard and I am seriously freaked out...

Leigh of the Commenting Community

        02-08-2008     Mehrina Asif        

The messages in this particular poem were almost frightening. It really made me sad and uncomfortable while I read this, so I'm not quite sure how to respond. I believe that the best poetry comes from the strongest of emotions; if what you feet is exactly what is written down here, then... well, I'm not entirely sure if I'm able to say anything comforting.

Your writing prowess, as proven a dozen times over already, is formidable. I hope you write a happier poem next time!

P.S. Is this the poem you wrote during English class, but refused to show me?

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