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Meghan Jo

by Wayne Thomas (Age: 67)
copyright 02-22-2008

Age Rating: 10 +

a song, after the manner of Tennyson

In the forest stands the pine
And from its lofty height
In silence deeper than the tomb
The owl goes forth each night
To find and catch the scurrying mice
And feed its children so
While I sleep lightly at the foot
And dream of Meghan Jo.

Night is dark, the stars are dim
The moon is out of sight
The clouds drift slowly out to sea
From off the mountains' height
The blacksnake slithers here and yon
Sharp eyes dart to and fro
While I sleep soft against the bark
And dream of Meghan Jo.

And as I sleep beneath the pine
The night slips slowly past
Dawn breaks against the granite hills
While dew forms on the grass
And when I wake and stand and stretch
And sadly turn to go
Would I could linger in the dream
Of my lost Meghan Jo.

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        12-29-2013     Mike Farr        

Hello Wayne,
Meghan Joe,
Nice piece,
I googled some works of Tennyson, and I do say, it does sound to be in the manner of Alfred,
I sang it to,
Dupe Dupe Dee Do,
But the fact that I cannot carry a tune in a bucket rendered it flat and out of key, thus scaring the Jays and Finches from the feeder. However, it must be acknowledged, the rhyme and rhythm is superb, thus given into the hands of one who is not musically handicapped as I, it would surly place at the top of the charts. Peace be with you,

        02-26-2008     June Nazarian        

Wayne - There's a lump in my throat, a truly beautiful and moving piece. The rhythm and flow of your words are as lovely as the sentiments. Is this a work of fiction or based on an actual loss? Thanks for a very enjoyable poem...June

        02-26-2008     Richard Reed Jr        

It tugs at my heartstrings. It surely does.
A well-written poem with good structure rhyme and rhythm. To me, this is definitely one of your best. The imagery was scintillating and the story carried me right along.

Excellent write!


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