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...Time Makes Blues More Than A Bar...

by Walter Jones (Age: 71)
copyright 03-11-2008

Age Rating: 16 +

I heard a word on the radio
Got myself to thinking
And the poor Joe
Is in the bathroom stinking
And I know that its time
To ease my mind
Heading for forever

If you are lonely
Take your scroll and read it
An ambush in the soul
Just true to relieve it

It is fine but it is mind
Looking for mater
Shattered marks on rug
Love burns the body

A tribute to you an the love we knew
Out in a back alley
And it's hard to find
Lovers in time
It is just a mater of living

In every kiss upon the dawning
Eyes of love keep me there

A love before the mourning
Chance to be somewhere

Every angel has time
When love is every care

Slip past the sorrow
Cast of iron cross to bear

Want if you are able
Lead if you dare

To the lawn of no tomorrows
Kiss of love still on her hair

Path of sea way
Now a memory rare

Trust upon the shadow

Moon light dances fare
Every want a need

Passion to hold and bare
Ante of the dabbler

Still a paintbrush
Artists had singe of care

Splat of scalpel lines of truth placed there
Went to dribble as the palette left its mark

Shift the color capture youth at the heart
Grasp lead in sky as ghost leave the wild

Child of seeing pushes pure innocence
Drop tears upon a burned souls consequence

On a trophy held to destine recall
Stopped to taste the roses

Death watches the paintbrush fall

And it so hard to find love in rhyme
When you're writing your life
In a straight jacket defined
From a lost bottle of loving

Got my soul on tribute to dying
in the words that are left
she said, white wine is for crying

and you know that it is true
in the section of blues
only desire is playing

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        03-20-2008     Frank Fields        

Typically, from showing us the harshness of the ugly world in which we live, to catapulting us with dreams to visions of what we want to be, forever, your writing is ever mindful--to me, if to none other, that one should not take oneself too seriously, but being that, that one is human, there really isn't much choice in life's chances. ^^

Frank :)

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