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The Raven and The Crow

by Frank Fields
copyright 03-22-2008
Contest Winner

Age Rating: 13 +
The Raven and The Crow
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Black birds partnered
The Raven and The Crow
Satan's birds some have said
Others good luck omens

But in the night they came
In soundless flight to seek
The innocents draped in white
And watch from castle window ledge

Marble eyes steely black
No shine nor glimmer seen
As dead their souls long lost
Now find their victims of the night

A pair of quiet lovers
Warming front by hearth-side fire
Quiet talks and whispers sweet
Jasmine with the cinnamon abound

His hands in hers and hers in his
Crooning lovers warbling their love
One to the other as time stands down
And snow white doves of love surround

Emerald bird a-humming holding
A nectared flower them to share
Placing honey on their lips
That each must gently taste

Elfin Folk are gathered round
Whispering their whispered words
As each brings out two tiny treasures
One for each a precious gift

But none have seen the pair of black
Nor heard their hateful hearts
Eyes deadly piercing good company below
Impatient for their feast of hurt

Not even tiny angel faeries
Nor Pixies of the Moon
Neither watch guard elves
Nor toadstool dwarves have seen

The play of love was far too sweet
As they all gathered round
Each to see what other gave
Each to silently approve

This was their couple loved
With tiny flowers and shells
And moonbeams from the sands
Caught in crystals from the sun

A song note put in golden bell
Or little glowing globe of light
A magick orb that would not leave
Sparkling with the wind of Time

Their Elfin songs they gave
And tiny Elfin sounds
As they danced a pixie dance
While faeries hovered round

A quiet joy and peace was spread
The pair of lovers was so loved
And they in turn loved back
A cup of love filled to the brim

But this night was cast aside
Evil birds of black had seen enough
Impatient hunger drove them down
Silent whistles they attacked

All the Folk were scattered crazy
One by one the birds did hunt them down
And finding drove a deadly bill of hate
Full sharp into every tiny heart

They clawed them off the drapes
Then dropping pinned them in mid-air
From round every corner routed
No place of hiding from this awesome pair

The lovers stood stock still
Entrapped by magick not to move
Helplessly they felt each death
Within their own heart's love

The carnage seemed to never end
The pile of tiny bodies grew
Their blood all splattered
Until the pair of black turned red

Now shone the eyes a glimmer
Now a fiendish raven call
With partner crow they danced
In eerie flight but deadly purpose

All dead then all the tiny Folk
Tiny broken bodies wings a-tattered
Limbs full broke and oddly bent
Pixies faeries dwarves and elves

Save the frozen couple with broken hearts
Their gifts all vanished with tiny souls
Silent tears streamed down upon the bodies
While evil partners fed upon their souls

Until at last no more were left
And still the tears streamed on
Then stopped the feast the evil pair
To fix the two with baleful eye

And drove a final hurt into their hearts
He held her that she would not die
To no avail the Crow called victory
And fed upon departing soul of Love

Equal hungry Raven knew its chance
When other lover died from loss
And on his departing soul the Raven fed
Until none was left to tell the tale

Save his angel faerie Sarah who loved him so
But being gifted by the gods to him
They sought to save her and her heart
To know and tell this tale of evil foul

An evil partnered pair
Black Raven and Black Crow
Bear careful watching any night
If they roost upon your window ledge

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        03-24-2013     Walter Jones        

my mind slides into words diving and dodging past images playing hard upon the stage, I am pulled and torn, heart seeing feeling and burning, so well the weave, tight and pulling thread. a trail of more than life and love, a shodow left on the screen of time, I leave sad and lonely, you write he wispers from the wind..Walt

        03-24-2008     June Nazarian        

What a beautiful, metaphorical account of a love so pure that in no way does it envision the forces that eventually tear it to shreds. I like the warning at the end. Thanks for a very lovely, sad, yet too often factual piece......June

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