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Argon Atoms

by June Nazarian
copyright 04-01-2008

Age Rating: 7 +

Argon Atoms

In the air that we breath
Is a fellow named Argon
Quite selfish by nature
Won't give, take, or share
All in his family, millions like he
Travel the globe without a care

Come play with me, says oxygen
Nitrogen echos the cry
Don't need to play
I'm happy I'm me
You may change
But I'm the same
From genesis to eternity.

With every breath of man and beast
Much argon's in the mix
Nose to lungs and out again
It stays the same
It does not change
It finds itself another nose
And so it goes,
And so it goes

The very same atoms inhaled today
Oodles of trips round the horn
Have been in lungs both big and small
Of every creature ever born

Take a deep breath,
Imagine you feel them
Now you've been touched by
Confucius, Beethoven, Renoir, Nero,
The dinosaurs, all villains and heroes
You've walked with cavemen
And flown with birds
Composed with Mozart
Watched Shakespeare pen words

All on earth share this common bond
Every person a sister or brother
This little, aloof, but noble atom
Uniquely unites us, one to another

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        09-15-2009     Alan Reed        

Amazing. I did not know that. Can you imagine how many times Judas Iscariot passed himself through Cyrano De Bergerac and Karl Mauldin? What a thought - both obviously good men.

In this day and age there ought to be some method by which advanced otolaringology might encounter an implant so peace neutrons could form part of each argon. Then we would not have a need for weapons.

        04-03-2008     Frank Fields        

But beneath the humor, there may be more, so very much more. The portrayal of Infinity, to some extent, but certainly the binding and the bonding of all mankind to his only world, our planet Earth.

This is a well presented, well developed, writing that deserves many readings, allowing the mind to remember the lessons of the Aborigine, the American Indians, and some other maybe more esoteric teachers.

Another very fine work!

Frank :)

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