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You Will Spend Your Old Age In Comfort And Material Wealth

by Mary -BrytEyz- Ball (Age: 47)
copyright 05-14-2008

Age Rating: 7 +


"You will spend your old age

In comfort and material wealth"

It didn't say anything about happiness

Or even if I'd have a measure of health


 Misfortune finding it's way to my path

Along every trail I choose to tread

Miss Fortune, my misnomer

Reflected in all things written or read


Memories vivid… yet fading it seems

A blushing "Hello!" - A kiss in the park

"Where are they now?" I wonder

Why am I always missing the mark?


"Hottie" in everyone's cell phone

But why can't they see the values inside

Stumbling through this life of mine

Blushing, rushing, cussing, ... and you can't hide!


"You will spend your old age

In comfort and material wealth"

Did I miss the part about finding true love

Or felicity rushing, sidestepping stealth


And what if I don't grow old,

Have you ever thought about that?!

And what if there's no such thing as money

And everyone, even I, have forgotten I'm fat


I see in my mind, that time in truth and rhyme

When everyone will build and have a house to keep

Where we all plant vineyards and drink wine

Without the hunger for an inebriated reprieve that we now seek


That future time when we won't be slaves

To "The Man", any man… or woman, or ourselves… or to lust

That peaceful perfect time when rhymes are real

And everywhere I turn, I find someone I can truly trust


"You will spend your old age

In comfort and material wealth"

What about the coming Paradise, after Armageddon

When we won't toil for nothing, and will have eternal perfect health


Ah, Isaiah 65 echoes a nearly forgotten promise

That my days will be like the days of a tree

Yes! I'll plant and outlive the likes of the Norway Spruce

And the Bristlecone Pines that now taunt and laugh at me


Prometheus, cut down, a king without a crown

For curious eyes to see and glee over your death

Methuselah, the next oldest living tree living in fear of being found

Seekers seeking all around… Heh! Don't hold your breath!


And in this life I am but an infant, a never known memory

Born and old and gone, before those trees can bat a branch at me

But someday, someday I'll live longer than you, someday…

Some way, with Jehovah's strength and promise fulfilled you'll see


"You will spend your old age

In material wealth and comfort"

For now I dream of lions and lambs basking in the lap of luxury

While the ideas of peace and perfection constantly flirt


OLD, I read aloud. "In this world or the next?"  I wonder

It says I'll SPEND my old age… like I'm rich

Like I have time to burn, a disgusting excess of years

Wow! I'll live forever! I won't know which day is which!


This life really sucks, you know, no COMFORT here

Seeking TRUTH while your truth keeps looking

Trying to avoid the stumbling blocks and the disaster

This world keeps simmering and cooking


What matters isn't monetary… MATERIAL is immaterial

In this life, I'm such a cub, a newbie… a rookie

I chew… slightly sweet cardboard, slowly crunching, deep in thought

Can't believe I'm looking for truth in a fortune cookie!


I went to my very first POETRY READING and had a blast. The lady read a few and so did a guest of hers. The rest of the group, as it turned out, were all Jehovah's Witnesses from one congregation or another (Boy, was Gwen sure busy inviting, or what? LOL). Well, it was great. We read many poems that we ourselves had written. The host and her guest read from OTHER people's works. So, I felt pretty good that our poetry we read was... OURS.

Anyway, later in the evening, she passed around a bowl with fortune cookies in it. We all ate one and read what our slips said. Then she assigned us homework, stating that we were to use our fortune slip as our muse, and we could write about our fortune, use the words from our fortune, whatever. The above is my response to what my cookie gave me.

Any questions, just ask! Oh, and by the way, Norway Spruce and the Bristlecone Pines are purported to be the oldest trees known to man... Prometheus and Methuselah are both famous (and the oldest) of the Bristlecone Pines.

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        06-10-2009     Vanessa Anderson        

I had a friend give me a Chinese Misfortune Cookie... it read, "If you keep eating these you will end up alone and FAT!" I haven't eaten a fortune cookie since:) LOL!! But, as I think about it, I prefer to think that the cookie should have read, "If you keep you keep eating these you will become even MORE eccentric and a bit FLUFFY!!"
LOL!! That's my knid of cookie!!!
I truly enjoyed your writing! I may eat fortune cookies again!!

        08-26-2008     Raja Sharma        

The content is universally acknowledged and I won't say anything about it but what strikes me most in your works is the creativity and precise allusions like in this case 'Prometheus and Methuselah' .
I believe that a creative writer or a poet can make the subject move to his/her tune with the power of precise diction and that is your special quality.
One can be immensely impressed by the ironical undertone in your opening lines:"You will spend your old age
In comfort and material wealth"

Yes, you write with a very thoughtful plan and make the lines move to convey the emotion and to you a poetic emotion is definitely and escape from the emotion, for I find variety in your writings.
Bless you

        05-23-2008     Anthony Lane Stahlhut        

Yes you do get crumbs from cookies, but sometimes crumbs are what you need at the time. Your not fat! I weigh more than you and I'm NOT FAT! We just have more to love! I love you and your works. I am trying to read a little more when I can and your works always inspire me to write. keep em coming! Oh ya, The poem itself raises many questions, but that is what I think life is for, find your own answers, because they are different for everyone! Comfort and material wealth, in old age. I was never rich until I gave all I had to those that I found in need! Now I understand why wealth always escaped me...because I was trying to hold on to it and not what was really worth something! See you made me start thinking, Anthony

        05-20-2008     Richard Reed Jr        

Always good, another masterpiece from Mary.
I love the idea and I think I will try to write one of my own. very well-written as as all of your fans have come to expect. I could repeat the cliches about imagery, etc. but it is unnecessary, and I;m getting writer's cramp.
Most of your poetry is classic on PnP.


        05-19-2008     Mary -BrytEyz- Ball        

June: Glad you enjoyed the photo. It cracked me up for an entire day or more, every time I thought of it I snickered out loud... which can leave a LOT of people wondering since I work in a bank! LOL

Wayne: Hey Bro! Glad you stopped by, really glad you read, even happier you commented... and I am completely ELATED you liked it! Yay! (Happy dance all around PnP!) I'm off to read some of whatever's posted on YOUR page in a moment. HOpe to find a treasure waiting. :-)

Mike: Mostly what you get from cookies is crumbs! I like that! Hmm... do I hear a poem in the making? I'm in a goofy mood today... perhaps it's time for something lighthearted and humorous. I'll think on that some more.

ALL: Thank you SO MUCH for stopping by to read, rate, and comment on my poem. It really does mean the world to me and I treasure each tid bit of verbal treasure you leave behind. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

        05-19-2008     June Nazarian        

Mary - I really enjoyed this! What a fun assignment to expand on the "fortune" found in a cookie. That you can take a frivolous tidbit and turn it into a life lesson is testament not only to your firm grounding but to you magical way with words. (Also got a chuckle from the picture) Thanks.....June

        05-16-2008     Wayne Thomas        

Good to hear from you again, Sis,
I've read so much drivel trying to pass for inspirational religious poetry that I still hesitate before reading. But I read and am I glad! What an uplifting expose of this old system. Here's to the new world!

        05-16-2008     Mike Gallimore        

The Chinese are famous for passing off curses as good wishes, and this may be one. "May you live in interesting times." is another. As you rightly point out, the cookie's prophecy leaves a lot to be desired. I enjoyed your poem and I'm glad you have an alternate vision. After all, mostly what you get from cookies is crumbs.

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