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The Institution

by Jade Luke
copyright 05-15-2008

Age Rating: 7 +

The boy lays limp in the institution.
They still know nothing about him.
He won't eat and he won't drink.
And so to keep him from harm
everything goes through a tube in his arm.
He hasn't spoken a word
all of this time
But the doctor tells them his cords are just fine.

He's laying there waiting
Still all alone.
He's laying there waiting
For the time to go home.
He sees those memories,
that face so dear...
But at the slightest noise, it will all disappear.

The people they come and they talk to him,
But he never hears a word from them.
There's nothing left there in his eyes
But late at night, they watch as he cries.
They can't figure out,
Why he's wasting away.
His body as limp as
that final day
A figure appears at the door
He brushes the fading boy's hair.
He's really there this time.
The boy grabs and clings for dear life
and utters a single word

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        04-27-2014     Mike Farr        

Hello Jade Luke,

I like it,

Small padded rooms along dull green corridors,
Where blue bird’s sing and unicorns graze,
Potions and pills,
Turn rainy nights into sun shiny days,

Hello – Hello – Hello,

The lights are on,
But no one’s home,

        09-18-2013     Jade Luke        

Visitor Reads: 850
Total Reads: 900

        03-17-2011     Jade Luke        

Visitor Reads: 552
Total Reads: 601
Comments: 16

        06-29-2010     Jade Luke        

Visitor Reads: 453
Total Reads: 500
Comments: 15

        12-10-2009     Jade Luke        

Visitor Reads: 353
Total Reads: 400
Comments: 14

        11-20-2009     Eric Siedzikowski        

People are not realizing that you are writing about your own alter egos and other personalities.Every character is you.You are the speaker,you are the writer,you are the subject of the write.It is the one reality in this imagined world that leaves you and leaves us all for a trice of phantasy writing to embody the painful truth,leaving it to be declared in a disconnected form.It is safe,it is comforting and it is harmless.And quite frankly,I would rather see you writing than harming yourself.
There is nothing recondite,or abstruse to me when I read someone's poetry.I am glad that you write.And I encourage you to continue doing so.
But just remember that only the very few will truly understand what you write.Take care and may God bless you.Sincerely,Eric

        10-20-2009     Leigh Gilholm Fisher        

Another interesting poem. I've found the topic and mood of your poetry to stand out from a lot of the poetry I've read - you touch on topics many avoid, which is a good trait. Do you post anywhere else?

Anyway, good work on this one! The descriptions in this one were lovely and painted a vivid picture in the reader's mind. The dark, dismal mood accented the topic well. Keep writing. ^-^

Leigh of the Commenting Community

        08-10-2009     Elise Richerds        

I really liked this poem. I could see everything going on. It was sad, but if you meant it to be that way and everybody says its sad than that's good. It means your a good writer.

        03-22-2009     Jade Luke        

Visitor Reads: 166
Total Reads: 201
Comments: 10
Aww man. One off.

        03-11-2009     Sarah Barrett        

This is amazing! I could actually see the scenes in my head like a movie, a little boy in a hospital bed. The detail is very good. I agree with Kimberly that it is indeed a very bitersweet poem and I loved it dearly.
This is fantastic.

Sarah B.

        02-11-2009     Kimberly Angelone        

Brooke M - At the end, i don't see it as the boy speaks. the figure speaks - it is God taking him home.

        02-11-2009     Kimberly Angelone        

i cried. how bittersweet - excellent write! oh God this really touched me. Love the last 2 lines!!!!

        11-09-2008     Jenny Douglas        

The emotion in this is so real it makes my heart ache. It caught me from the 2nd stanza and continued through to the end. To me it speaks of the loss that trauma brings.

        10-13-2008     Raja Sharma        

His body as limp as
that final day

The images that you have presented are so meaningful and emphatic that mind gets lost in the unending cycle of questions.The diction that you have used is very precise and almost indispensible.
I like your creativity.
God bless you

        09-28-2008     Brooke Marquette        

Wow, this was so sad. I felt bad for the little alone boy who no one understood. You painted the picture so well. I could picture everything as I read it. Then at he last stanza when he said mine, I was all YEAH! he spoke! Maybe now he'll be more understood....that he can understand and knows the concept of ownership and that people are taking something from him. Even the hardest people to understand know something we don't

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