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My Beginnings on PnP

by Jordan Screws (Age: 31)
copyright 05-23-2008

Age Rating: 7 +

It all began October 5th, 2005, when I decided to join PnP as a member. I felt that the 30-day trial was a reasonable policy, as I could decide for myself whether to continue as a full-fledged member or remain as a reader after the time was up. Within the first few days, I knew I would want to continue as a full member. Being able to write and have others review it was good in itself, but meeting as many people as I did sold me on membership. Joining was easy, but trying to navigate through my first few days was not as simple.

For one thing, I did not know how strict the owner (Robert Betts) was concerning the rules and regulations. As a result, I had a respect for him bordering on fear. I was a new person setting foot in his house, one he could easily boot me out of any time it pleased him. Also, his lieutenants (the directors Debra Rose, Toni Sweeney and Sam Hackel-Butt) inspired a certain amount of fear, albeit not as much as Robert himself. However, they held far more power than I did, so it was not wise to antagonize any of them.

After meeting the notables, I then decided to try my hand at an ambition of mine: writing fanfiction. I felt awkward in doing that for two reasons: first of all, I was 19 years old at the time, and second, I was a male writing fanfiction for an anime geared towards girls. After thinking about it for awhile, I decided to simply go for it and see what happened. If it worked, it would be splendid. If it did not, I could always write about something else.

Thus steeling myself, I wrote my very first fanfiction, The Enigmatic New Student. Basing a character on myself was hard because I felt it reflected a certain degree of hubris on part of the author, but I went for it anyway. After writing and submitting it, I waited in apprehension for the results. Was it going to find readers, or would I be better off hanging it up? Fortunately, a few writers took interest in it, writers that would be important to my future.

Having submitted that, I decided to try the chatroom and see who else I could meet. I do not remember every last detail, but I met a few interesting people that evening. They were: Leigh G., Mehrina B., Samantha Hackel-Butt, and Sammy A., among others. Out of the four, Leigh was easily the most amusing because she thought I was an older man, or "an old pervert", as she so memorably put it. Little did I know that I had just met one of the most interesting people I had ever met!

After my 30-day trial expired in November, I was reduced to a reader... until on December 5th, Sammy A. came to my rescue by sponsoring me! It was as welcome as it was unexpected, for it seems my first fanfiction garnered more hits than I anticipated and Leigh (among others) wanted me to continue with it. Sammy A.'s act of charity gave me a chance to fulfill that mandate, and to this day I owe her a debt of gratitude. To speed things along, in mid-2006, I became a Gold Writer, and around July I was made a chat room monitor by Robert himself. Later that same year, I was given control of a few galleries, which was another unexpected but welcome surprise.

Now that I have covered the events, I would like to thank a few people on PnP for their contributions to my cause during the early days. First of all, I would like to thank Robert Betts for creating this site and allowing me to be a member as well as allowing me to become a chat monitor, gallery super, and Director (which I am now). Second, I want to thank Sammy A. for sponsoring me way back when and allowing me to continue as a full member. Next, I would like to thank Leigh G. for reading all of my work, fanfiction and originals. The same goes for Mehrina B., who always kept an eye on grammar and other technical matters when I occasionally slipped. And finally, I would like to thank Samantha Hackel-Butt for helping me through chat room functions and gallery duties as well as being one of my closest friends on PnP!

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        07-31-2010     Mae Futter Stein        

That was such a nice letter of beginning membership you wrote, Jordan. Your truths and feelings you write are to exceed your love for P-n-p as expressed. This is as I have found, a very friendly and warm place for writers and poetry to be expressed. I don't know where all the others are hiding, but I do love the people who are on here and have left. I'm sure they will return and others will become new members in the future. It is so nice reading your editorial,I enjoyed it very much....Mae

        10-07-2009     Sammy Anderson        

You've been here so long already... well, not THAT long, but long enough to become go to RRAAAAAAAAAANGERRRRRRRRR SCHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLL!

        08-24-2008     Raja Sharma        

Your personal experience on PnP is really quite helpful and informative, for you have expressed every little detail with absolute sincerity. Secondly, it has a kind of introduced the newcomers to the administration and their working style. You seem to have done well over these years and I wish you all the best.
God bless you
I look forward to reading at least some of your works soon.

        06-10-2008     Leigh Gilholm Fisher        

*waves arms in air to draw attention* At long last I have commented! I've actually been internetless because Verizon was screwing around with my connecting too much but now I, Leigh Victoria F, have Verizon DSL! Woo hoo! Three hours of dealing with the Verizon guy in person and eight on tech support paid off!

When I first joined PnP it was sheerly because of my interest in Sailor Moon. I absolutely adored the massive size of the galleries and when I viewed all I could, I begged my parents to let me gave a membership. From there I did some reading, made some friends, and started writing myself. I remember the first time I every entered chat...Mr. Betts and Anthony were there. It was the first time I was every in a chat room of any kind so I was kinda lost...

However, though I did view Mr. Betts as an intimidating force, after talking to him in person and having him support me so much, I came to think of him a grandfatherly figure. I was quite happy with myself to hear I was referred to as "PnP's most improved author." Don't know if that still holds but it really gave me a lot of confidence to keep writing at the time. It worked pretty well, seeing as I'm updating three stories weekly....XD

For me, though I did write that (in my mind) crappy Sailor Moon fan fiction, I didn't really view myself as a "fan fiction writer" until last summer when I discovered some very entertaining Xenosaga fan fictions. Meh then linked me to a few really good ones on, I checked the Xenosaga and Valkyrie profile archives there, and started my Xenosaga IV followed shortly thereafter by Valkyrie's Favor. VF is almost complete on and I'm also posting it on this website somebody linked me to called Just Expressing. Currently, I'm more focused on All That's Left Behind. 20 reviews all ready! XD Today's update day and I don't have the chapter betaed yet though...*sweat drop* Well, eight days instead of seven for an update shouldn't chap any body's @$$ too badly. I'm pleased to say the flame situation is non-existent. :) Thanks for you help on that, Jordan-kun.

*cackles* I viewed you like I do Reed when we first met. :D When you revealed you played FFX and were only 19 I gave you a chance...though I don't think I really viewed you as a friend until the fateful, "Do not mock the fuzzy dice!" "I shall mock them all I want!" "Be careful, my ninja squirrels know where you live!"

XD The strange things that have significance in our lives....*scowls slightly* I'm really starting to dislike Verizon Internet Security...they're $8 a month extra and the backup stuff is really cool but Norton isn't nearly as annoying...and Norton is more professional. Sorry for the randomness, the Verizon windows just keep popping up to annoy me... Anyway!

Heh, you even remembered to mention the Grammar Goddess. :D You know how she always used Athena as a nickname kind of thing? Well, the Roman equivalent of Athena is Minerva and there's a character in Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII voiced by Gackt who's always quoting a book titled Loveless, which is indirectly about the goddess Minerva. And since she detests Gackt and the character voiced by Gackt, although this character has a different English voice actor, she was cringing her Athena was marred by Gackt. :D All right, I'll end this comment before I get in trouble for not sending it as a private message...XD

All in all, very good! Though I'm not very active on PnP at the moment I don't really want to quit. I do tend to feel bogged down by who I used to be, for that is the only person my friends on PnP seem to know and expect to see, but it feels like admitting defeat to quit. My origins as an author here are important to me but not only have my skills developed, but I've also changed as a person. Though I may act the same a lot of the time I feel obligated to be at least slightly serious so people can understand that I have changed. I have no doubt they'd realize if I put some work into it - I'm just a bit impatient and more interested in some of my other writing endeavors at the moment...

Your friend,

        05-28-2008     Sammy Anderson        

Hah, just kidding =p Glad I could help. Contrary to what everyone else thinks... I don't think you're an old man. Maybe when you turn 84 before me... only then will I say something like that. And I don't think the chat would be the same without you =p


        05-27-2008     Sammy Anderson        

I did what?

        05-25-2008     Sam Hackel-Butt        

I wouldn't want anyone else on my team, in case those zombies ever do take over. You'd better come save my butt first, dood!
I remember you way back when. It was a bit weird for me to make a friend like you, since I don't normally make friends with people older than myself; I seem to do better with the younger crowd, due to my immaturity (what does that say about you? LOL) but I'm glad! There may only be a few years between us, but you'll always be the old man, and my ally.

But yea, I remember some of your early days in the chat room, and when I suggested you become a chat room monitor, because you were ALWAYS there, and you had your doubts, and look at you! You're a Director on the awesome PnP.

We've had our bumps along the road, but we've made it-- you've made it.

I'm foreseeing many more glorious years on PnP.

And, I noticed you saved the best for last :D

-Sam <3

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