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Haunted eyes

by Brooke Marquette (Age: 26)
copyright 07-02-2008

Age Rating: 7 +

Her liquid brown eyes
Hold unshed tears
of hidden horrors
and untold fears

Her little body
is thin and sick
She's light as a feather
skinny as a stick

Her mommy left her
Her daddy's dead
She's left on her own
Hasn't been fed

Her little brother
coughs all night
His eyes are bloodshot
She wants him to be alright

As we Americans
Live and breathe
There's so many horrors
That go unseen

Across our borders
Past the seas
We never think of the children
Dying, down on their little knees

They pray for food
They pray for love
They hope for a miracle
From above

Don't let them stave
Don't let them die
Don't let them live in fear
Lets bring them joy

So many lives
We could touch
If we just reached out
and gave a bit
to those children
Who need some love

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        03-04-2014     Rachel Brown        

This poem is touching to the point of tears its
heartbreaking yet I know this is all so true in many many ways I loved the rhythm of this flowing tapestry.
And its also a great read too.
Thanks for sharing .
R. Brown

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