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by Brooke Marquette (Age: 26)
copyright 07-07-2008

Age Rating: 13 +

Your touch is cold my sweet
Cold with bitter tears
For this world you hold so tight
Has shown you your worst fears

Come embrace the night
And give up the fight
Come embrace the dark
And fear morning's light

Come my love
And take my hand
Come step into
My dark, mysterious land

Here my darling
Yes that's right
Step away from all you've known
Away from the burning lights

Here my sweet
Come take a seat
Away from your pain
and tears

I'll embrace you love
And take your hands
Warm your cold
away from bitter lands

His brilliant smile
Takes my pain
He holds my hand
Rocks it away

Now I know
what I have become
No more feeling
Forever numb

I am a follower
at his gate
No longer human
No more fate

Satan took me in
His castled walls
I am a demon now
The death to all

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