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Once Upon Death

by Walter Jones (Age: 71)
copyright 08-08-2008
Contest Winner

Age Rating: 16 +

Died once
just a part of heart
dried for reason
never over
just closed
covered in blue blood

So it is as I cry in the darkness
No candles left burning in windows
Just a face pressed to the glass
Red as heartache on a tired page
Slow the sadness of words to sing
No images on a stone recall where I came
Watched the rebel die once more
Fire works the lantern upon souls reaching past gold rings
Dangle me a woman takes her heart on a ride for free
Pretend to be a someone reaching past ship passing
Drugs sing on a corner fire in a barrel saves bottle warm
Soup fills the cup on oil tested for a little girl wishing
Window pressing past heaven into hell waiting cost paid

Nightmares come in fit of mirrors playing fast forward
Locked in cages to sing she shed her clothes
As each of the wild child begging's again
Self exposed to the lies of need
She takes the Saturday night
Empties the shells in his head
Ever after cat dancing
Truth flies at night
Alley picks rat
We sing as

Left lady-killer in a hole strung out
Needle stuck in his tongue
Fire ants seeking flesh
As internal quest
Found in a cheap hotel
My baby is dead
Needle plays
Well upon
His soul
Hanging in shadows
Of barrel singing
A clap stand
Bleed dry

Kitty cat takes a leaf to die
Love played its last good by
Dark leaves me in sunshine
As my daughter dries up
Sing me in wisdom
Pimp had a stride
She sleeps for now
He struggles for life
Pain is but a memory
As his blood fills
The sand in a glass
Time barterers for
Reality dies
Eyes see horror
She cries
Not I

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        03-22-2011     Raja Sharma        

Had I had part of heart for me to die in fragments, I believe, I would have died once here and now in praise of the exquisite aestheticism that is so intriguing that mind does not want to come out of the dream.

I pick the gem as usual and the gem which I found here is "Red as heartache on a tired page "

I see it from a very different angle and She in your poem is definitely not a woman to me, for I see the aspects which no woman can possess.

Yes, this poetry must have brought herself before the mind of the creator to weave a web of thoughts, sometimes comforting and sometimes troubling.

I believe that a writer's, and especially a poet's, journey is more than presenting the personal experiences and past which he or she has gone through but to join threads so that something unique could be formed to solace the dying embers which must have been on the verge of extinguishing after a long tiring journey.

God bless you, sir.

I see the other side of the poet here, definitely not Walter.


        03-18-2011     Frank Fields        

Walter, sometimes I get the impression that we've walked the same streets, done the same things, with the same people, in the same places.

That is almost troubling. Almost, but not quite.

Thank you once again.

Frank :)

        02-12-2009     Martha Rosanbalm        

I like the form here. I too have read it more than once, just to grasp it all. This is so intriguing. Sometimes I feel like this,
"So it is as I cry in the darkness
No candles left burning in windows"
I can relate to:
Reality dies
Eyes see horror
She cries
Not I
Thanks for sharing.

        08-15-2008     Susan Brown        

I've spent many interesting minutes... studying this poem. As usual, my mind skims around the edges, puts different lines together, trying to find similar patterns. Why? Just because it's entertaining as all get out, I suppose.
I Love watching (reading) your style- even "if" I miss the bottom line meaning by a country mile or fifty. Just guessing, that probably happens to more than I'm betting the rest enjoy it as well, even when, they can't make heads or tails out of it. Watching the words roll from one side of the poem - to the other.
Why the silence? I believe we're all hypnotized. You can snap your fingers and wake us all up, anytime now.
As usual, thanks for giving us something to ponder about.

        08-08-2008     Frank Fields        

"Lolita," "Cat On A Hot Tin Roof," "God's Half Acre," "Peyton Place," and more. Many more, including Biblical and historical literature. Put 'em in the pot, add in some of Everyman's stuff, and the child still suffers.
Takes a writer's courage to present this kind of write, my friend.

Frank :)

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