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A Day With The Boys

by Nancy Wilson (Age: 37)
copyright 08-12-2008

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Yesterday, my dad Charlie, brother Phillip, nephew Trevor came over to our house. We went fishing while my husband Pat worked spraying fields.
I caught the first fish. I thought it was big enough to take home. I threw my line out into the river and became hung, so I broke my line and lost my good spinner. Then, I gave my pole to my Dad. He put a foxtail spinner on and walked down the river a short distance.
My son and I were sitting on the bank watching my Dad. I looked at Phillip. He was searching through all my lures trying to find a good one. I glanced back at my dad, his pole was bending, almost touching the water. He looked over at me with a big smile and yelled, "It's a big one, it's taken my line out!" As he was reeling in the line he said, "It's a large, small mouth bass, I can't believe it!" Biggest Bass I've ever caught!" He pulled it from the water with big smile and said, "That made my day!" He put it on the stringer next to mine. My fish looked tiny next to his. His Bass weighed six and a half pounds. This was a really awesome moment for me. Seeing my Dad happy like that, was great!

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