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Lone Wolf

by Jeana Adams
copyright 08-27-2008

Age Rating: 10 +

As I cry into infinity,
the cosmos reflected,
My bloody past of survival,
is nothing but a nightmare.
I live here, now
in the whistle of the gentle pine,
in the movement of the sharp waters,
in snow brighter than the moonlit night,
and in the soil soft between my paws.
An enigma to my kin,
an entity alone,
what am I but a mystery,
a shadow of the moon?

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        03-04-2013     Rachel Brown        

Its a soft lilting poem full
of reason and it reminds me of my teenage years
when I was alone without any friends once so ever in any way. I am in love with this piece so lovely and still so lonely I am so impressed with this piece and with you. Keep up the great Work my friend.
Keep Smiling and Keep Writing too ^_^
-Rachel *_^

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