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Departed .....Tears!

by Raja Sharma
copyright 08-28-2008

Age Rating: 13 +
Departed .....Tears!
Picture Credits: Personal Collection

Love held back tears

Heart weld at fears.

Black hat pull over

Grass short by mower.

Love nor beloved no

Decay hay plod sow.

Shower lessen the pain

Vain tears no gain.

Those smiles with tear'

Knew you were near.

Shock pain fear tear

Death pine mute smear.


By Rajasir 4th of March 2008



Black hat=death, pull over= shading the body, Grass=life, mower=death, Shower=tears, plod=lump of soil(here dead body),

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        07-01-2013     jeannelight        

I thought the experimental writing was great! You conveyed your message well about the sadness you felt. Thanks, jf

        03-16-2010     Emily Valle        

You are quickly becoming one of my favorites.
This was once again very touching, and once again, great art work along with the poem!
The depth of the words that at first seem simple were very touching and meaningful

        09-04-2008     Jeanette Broussard        

Ah, another great poem with dual meaning int he words. I love these. You always do a wonderful job with them and have such thought and meaning behind them. Enjoyed it much and it was a pleasure to read it. Thanks, Jeanette

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